Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Integrating IT insights for an holistic approach to executing business strategy and business change

Native ArchiMate® 3 support for consistent modeling

Ensure you and your team deliver standardized models in order to foster improved collaboration and productivity.

Collaboration across departments and continents

With one central repository easily accessible by all team members you’ll never waste time looking for architecture artifacts again.

Support decision-making with customizable views and dashboards

Create content that impacts a specific target audience by leveraging a selection of view types and visualization options. Tailor dashboards with stakeholder-focused view templates and custom iconology to create powerful analyses.

Define and manage the impact of change

Identify the impact of change on your business and technology landscapes, delivering insightful roadmaps that minimize disruption and shorten time to value.e by all team members you’ll never waste time looking for architecture artifacts again.

Intuitive two-click modeling

Modeling your enterprise architecture can be a significant undertaking – particularly as systems, software and infrastructure undergo constant change. Quantifying the effects and risk of change simply adds to the complexity.

Find the right approach for addressing the gaps across your complex processes, and identify shared investment opportunities to create cross-enterprise synergies.

Discover the best deployment model for your organization

Bizzdesign’s Enterprise Studio is the only EA management suite that provides genuinely native ArchiMate support. And if you don’t need the full suite of functionality, Enterprise Studio also runs independently as a stand-alone modeling and analysis tool.

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Market-leading Enterprise Architecture Software

Bizzdesign has been recognized as a leader in the field of enterprise architecture for several years:

Bizzdesign tools are designed to help enterprise architects create value for the rest of their business. Instead of being a costly, standalone discipline, EA has the potential to help organizations become more agile, resilient and customer-centric when empowered by Bizzdesign.

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Getting started with Bizzdesign Horizzon is very easy and fast. Our automated SaaS deployment ensures that you are up and running within minutes. We choose to utilize only best of breed technologies making the portal highly scalable and easy to update. Keep an eye on our website to follow all new developments.

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