Application Portfolio Management Plus (APM+)

Take transformation analysis and design to the next level

All phases of Application Portfolio Management​ in a single solution

Bizzdesign’s APM+ out-of-the-box solution offers more than just a way to optimize the inventories of your software applications to support complex business changes. Built on Bizzdesign Horizzon, it includes enterprise architecture best practices, which together support application portfolio management.

Start gaining control of your application landscape with full transparency in your portfolio. Navigate, analyze, and slice and dice application portfolio dashboards thanks to exploration capabilities. Efficiently connect the dots from your applications to the business strategy.




Slice and dice the application portfolio

Slice and dice the application portfolio



Dashboards provide various options for self-exploration, analysis, and drill-down. They interactively adapt to the selected elements, allowing you to zoom in on particular aspects and areas. You can add custom dashboards with many different types of charts displaying the underlying data.

Raise efficiency at project start

Raise efficiency at project start



Architecture templates support a common language in change initiatives. They eliminate time waste spent on gathering and combining information reduce the risk of misunderstanding, and increase the reuse of existing information in the application architecture to generate relevant project architecture diagrams.


  • Rationalize your application landscape
  • Quick Transparency
  • Governance and demonstrate value
  • Decision support

Application rationalization is usually applied after M&A to determine which application should be kept, replaced, retired, or consolidated. Our solution provides out-of-the-box dashboards, best practices assessments and architecture templates to support analysis and transformation design for decision support.

Our solution helps quick-start or mature your organization’s application portfolio management discipline. We include templates and ready-to-use dashboards to help you get initial transparency, impact analysis and design application architecture transformation.

Get a grip on your application landscape and avoid ever-rising functional overlap and technical dept in your application architecture. Application architecture governance provides a way to demonstrate value to the organization.

Improve the quality of decision-making by combining business and architecture insights based on a trusted repository. Ad-hoc analysis accelerates decision-making because questions on the impact can be answered immediately. Change visualization is created based on standardized patterns – no more guessing regarding meanings.