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Bizzdesign platform

Work with business and IT to execute projects


Identify the impact of change with insightful roadmaps


Rapidly scale business capabilities

Support transformations from processes and architecture


Align business processes with strategic goals

  • Get visibility into the end-to-end business processes that architecture supports
  • Manage process assets in a structured way
  • Link operational processes and systems to business outcomes
  • Define and document all business processes effectively

Collaborate and communicate to align on process design

  • Collaborate with stakeholders through modeling
  • Monitor performance with solution architects, identify IT capabilities and support changes with enterprise architects
  • Review processes with business architects delivering on business goals
  • Help IT architects synthesize concrete solution frameworks and give direction to business analysts



Facilitate continuous process improvement

  •  Continuously track and monitor processes-related data for improvement and optimization for informed decision-making
  • Create visibility and deliver process improvement solutions across technical and cross-functional processes
  • Propose improvements based on maturity and optimization
  • Simulate the impact of changes, and implement changes for better results


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