HSBC’s ‘data-driven living architecture’ enables strategic C-level decisions


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Make strategic decisions to leverage technology for business success



Bizzdesign platform

Contain costs by eliminating waste and driving efficiency


Mitigate risks to safeguard the organization


Drive innovation to stay competitive

Integration use cases


  • ServiceNow Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Salesforce Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Confluence Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Excel integration with Bizzdesign
  • Jira Integration with Bizzdesign
  • aws integration with Bizzdesign
  • Power BI Integration with Bizzdesign
  • SAP Integration with Bizzdesign
  • BMC Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Teams Integration with Bizzdesign
  • ca-technologies-bizzdesign-integration
  • Elastic Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Google cloud Integration with Bizzdesign

Generate visual insights about complex interdependencies


Get actionable insights to drive innovation

  • Get support for better decision-making and strategic planning
  • Determine costs for different applications i.e. payment systems. Identify stewards to maintain it and generate a heat map of technical debt
  • Isolate hotspots and prioritize areas for investment with a heat map

Create agile IT delivery to mitigate risk

  • Streamline IT operations by managing complexity and getting a comprehensive view of applications, infrastructure, and data
  • Manage technical debt across the application portfolio with agile portfolio management and value stream mapping
  • Identify opportunities for transformation and develop a roadmap for implementing new technologies
  • Develop and implement risk mitigation strategies that align with overall business objectives



Lead transformation initiatives successfully

  • Lead transformation efforts to create value for the organization
  • Give strategic advice through actionable insights on how technology transforms the business
  • Collaborate closely with CTOs, CDOs, and other stakeholders to balance innovation with cybersecurity and data privacy concerns


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