Learn how ING Bank Turkey in the financial services sector gained a competitive edge

Unlock and benefit from the power of enterprise architecture


Gain a competitive advantage through strategic planning and execution

  • Strategically roadmap IT initiatives, aligning technology investments with long-term business goals
  • Identify critical milestones, dependencies, and transformation opportunities for informed decision-making
  • Enhance collaboration and
    communication across stakeholders, ensuring organizational alignment

Improve decision-making for investment portfolios

  • Make data-driven investment decisions based on comprehensive insights into the IT landscape
  • Optimize the allocation of resources and prioritize initiatives with a clear understanding of ROI and business value
  • Maximize the return on investment by identifying and mitigating risks and dependencies in the investment portfolio

Accelerate time-to-market of new products and services

  • Streamline processes and make IT operations efficient
  • Leverage enterprise architecture best practices and standards to reduce project delivery time and increase success rates
  • Stay agile and responsive to market demands, gaining a competitive edge in the financial services landscape

Improved risk management and regulatory compliance

  • Gain visibility into the IT landscape, enabling accurate mapping and planning for improvements
  • Minimize organizational waste and optimize investments through analysis of dependencies between technology components
  • Achieve better governance of IT systems with comprehensive insights into architecture and alignment

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