”Within ten days, we had all the portfolios set on the platform and were ready to present the first results to the CIO.”

– Anonymous

Unlock and benefit from enterprise architecture


Accelerate transformations while aligning to strategic objectives

  • Simplify and accelerate complex transformations with digital roadmapping
  • Identify integration points, data flows, and dependencies, and design architectures that promote interoperability and seamless data exchange
  • Define target architectures, prioritize initiatives, and plan the phased implementation of new technologies and capabilities

Improve decision-making with our guided APM approach

  • Analyze the impact of application changes or decisions and map dependencies between applications
  • Predefined dashboards enable transparency, impact analysis, and support transformation planning
  • Import data to Microsoft┬« Excel or use the Bizzdesign Open API
  • Collect data from third-party systems like ServiceNow CMDB

Optimize service delivery with our guided process framework experience

  • Bring processes (and the real world they represent) to life in comprehensive landscape maps and dashboards
  • Analyze existing processes, identify inefficiencies, and redesign workflows to achieve better outcomes
  • By leveraging the Bizzdesign OpenAPI, operational data from processes can be added to our platform

Get stakeholder engagement and inter-agency alignment

  • Visualizations provide a common language, making it easier to convey ideas, share insights, and align on decisions
  • Gain a clear understanding of complex systems and processes, and identify relationships with diagrams and dashboards
  • Customize visualizations for various stakeholder groups and enable data-driven decision-making

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