Why Bizzdesign?

Our mission. Our vision.
We help complex organizations thrive through change.

Transformation should not be disruption.
Success in the face of complexity should not be luck.
It should be by design.

Our mission
Our vision

We help complex organizations thrive through change
Transformation should not be disruption.
Success in the face of complexity should not be luck.
It should be by design.

Change by design. Success by design

Change is inevitable. And the pace of change has never been higher.

Successfully adapting to this change while ensuring smooth ongoing operations represents an immense challenge to the organizations we work for. They need to “build the plane while flying it“. They struggle to get full line of sight across all moving parts and successfully design and navigate to their target future across their complex and often opaque ecosystems of interdependent people, technology, processes and data without inadvertently wasting critical investment resources or breaking something.

But they know there is no alternative. The enterprise that cannot get to grips with this complexity and cannot adapt quickly dies. Our customers wish to be one of the winners.

This is where we come in. Whether it entails digital transformation, a new operating model, the M&A integration, improvement initiatives or managing risk and keeping mission-critical infrastructure secure...

We help you build structural “change muscle” and dramatically increase the success rate of enterprise transformation, strategic investment allocation and risk management.

in 3 steps


See the full picture

Large enterprises are complex webs of interrelated departments, technologies, data, processes, goals. Using a uniform language we bring together all moving parts and their relations into a transparent ‘insight graph’.


Find the right path

Our platform aligns executives, experts and architects around “capabilities” and a single point of truth to design, test and select optimal future change scenarios and investment allocation that consider all moving parts and risks.


Execute with confidence

We enable the creation of dynamic roadmaps with continual line of sight over all interdependent moving parts of the organization to help successfully navigate to your target future without unintended consequences.

Our difference

We provide a full future-proof solution that addresses your challenges and achieves your goals.

By combining our advanced software platform with unrivalled best practices expertise and “go the extra mile” service and support partnership to ensure our customers’ success. It’s not just about the software.

We are future proof

  • Platform breadth. Our rich platform is able to meet your needs today AND grow with your evolving and changing future needs and ambitions.
  • Future state design and roadmapping. We do not just capture the “now” / current state. Our platform is built to help you design and navigate to the future.
  • High impact innovation thanks to continuous investment and product roadmap collaboration with our customers.

We are experts

  • Unrivalled best practices base & team of experts thanks to 20 years of experience with thousands of world-class organizations.
  • Open standards leader through our commitment and active participation in development of open standards and the practitioner community.

We truly care

  • Real partners. Our customers consistently recognize us for going the extra mile and stay close to ensure their success today and into the future.
  • Passionate people. From US salesman to Dutch engineer, we each express this differently, but we are all united in our passion for what we do and do it well.

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“Good Easy To Use Enterprise Solutions.” ” A good solutions for better design processes, and assessing risk. great modelling features are available with this product.”

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“BiZZdesign provides a service which goes beyond just providing a tool to support EA activities. Their consulting and support helps you to work efficiently as an EA, realize business value and resolve any issues quickly.”

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