Through the successful marriage of our advance software platform with deep best practices expertise, ‘go the extra mile’’ service and support partnership and uniquely flexible pricing we help you successfully navigate to your target future.

In line with this commitment to our customers’ success, we operate under a Software as a Service / SaaS business model that reduces the up-front investments of our customers and ensures they continue to benefit from:

  • Constant evolution and innovation of our software
  • Our connection to their continued success at all times
  • 100% predictable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In addition, we differentiate ourselves from many of our competitors through our exception focus on lifetime customer success and our unrivalled flexibility in user mix to deployment options.


Flexible & future proof

User credits

Unique “zero hassle” flexibility to freely change the mix of user (license) types and API usage within your contract as your needs and usage evolves.




Customizable & secure

Deployment options

While standard cloud is our default, we support a full range of deployment options depending on your needs:

  • Standard cloud
  • Premium / private cloud
  • On-premise and hybrid deployment in exceptional cases.




Success services

We are not just another software vendor. We go all the way in ensuring our customers’ success through both our annual Success Services Subscription and one-off success services:

  • Organizational Value Assessment (OVA) and Success reviews
  • Access to our industry-leading Academy e-learning,
  • Core Design capability enablement
  • Expert inquiries
  • Dedicated success manager



Quick time-to-value

Change capabilities

Quickly deliver and maintain value to your key  stakeholders by enabling out-of-the-box Change Capabilities assets including powerful, preconfigured templates and analytics.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Business Capability Mapping
  • Application Rationalization
  • Technology Version Currency
  • Business Strategy Advancement
  • Information Security Risk Mgmt.
  • And many more…


API and integrations

Integrate all key multisource data and data sources systems using our powerful Rest API, connectors and our partnership with DELL Boomi.