Athora Insurance


Bizzdesign & Athora Insurance join forces to rationalize the application landscape and reduce costs

Budget pressures and the pace of business change

Athora is as familiar with business change as any organization; through mergers, nationalization, demergers and acquisition. To support and integrate these changes successfully, and provide a more competitive cost base Athora looked to its IT department to rationalize and simplify their IT landscape and make cost cuts.To ensure the success of their transformation initiative, the business architecture team was asked to bring clarity to the whole process.

“Bizzdesign Horizzon allows us to integrate every kind of information, making the repository our complete body of knowledge; our single source of truth.”

Kees Tuijnman, Athora Insurance

A central repository for architecture and business data

The enterprise architecture team realized the organization lacked a central source of information and truth, and a way to link to vital business priorities. To be truly effective, they sought a standardized repository for both architecture and business data, with easy reporting and analysis capabilities to provide decision critical information on demand.

This is when Athora chose to work with Bizzdesign. To see how they managed to succeed in identifying and enabling key change initiatives, including millions of Euros in IT cost savings, download this success story below.

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