Bizzdesign Horizzon’s Integration Capabilities

A SaaS-first business design platform that can act as an enterprise-wide transformation hub.


An open API allows you to integrate all of your systems making Bizzdesign Horizzon a truly Enterprise-wide Transformation Hub.

Bizzdesign Horizzon’s Integration Capabilities

Make Better Decisions, Faster
Establish a company-wide single source of truth by merging all relevant data flows and applications into HoriZZon. With all your business information available centrally, you enhance your ability to make fact-based decisions fast.

Get More Value from Existing Capabilities
Access previously unavailable insights about your operations by unifying disparate data sources with Bizzdesign Horizzon. You will be able to join the dots and define a truly holistic strategy for the future. By unifying disparate data sources, Bizzdesign Horizzon enables you to leverage disparate information and access previously unavailable insights about your organization’s innerworkings.

Superior Strategic Alignment 
Automatically generate insights and analytics from across your operations to realize new efficiencies and savings. Advanced modelling allows you to strengthen strategic alignment and target investments for maximized returns.

How Does Bizzdesign Horizzon Help?

Standard Integration Tooling
Extend Bizzdesign Horizzon however you need with our REST API. This standardized interface enables the use of your own integration tooling and platforms. Additionally, Horizzon offers full integration with Dell Boomi.

Full integration Solution
Horizzon allows you to take your integration to the next level with native support for Dell Boomi, the market-leading iPaaS platform. Boomi’s intuitive tools allow you to extract additional value from data by integrating it with your EA models.

Model Based Approach
Enjoy a fast, model-based approach to integration configuration and out-of-the-box connectors for a wide array of technologies and applications, including ServiceNow, REST APIs, SQL databases and others. Bizzdesign delivers enterprise-ready integration capabilities and service management so you can build comprehensive models to suit your needs.