Connect data sources with Bizzdesign and get a rich, multi-dimensional perspective of your organization

Data integration and transformation




Synchronize data between Bizzdesign and Jira, making managing projects and tracking progress easier.

CA - Technologies - V2

Align enterprise architecture and IT portfolio management to make better decisions.

Cloud transformation and infrastructure management




Model, monitor, and get a holistic view of your IT landscape. Accelerate cloud adoption and optimize cloud resources.

Google Cloud SVG

Get a unified view of your IT landscape and support better decision-making, governance, and compliance.

Architecture Automation




Achieve more effective probable cause analysis, synchronize service model components, and deploy infrastructure management faster.


Align service and support processes with your enterprise architecture and implement, automate and upgrade service and support processes.

Performance Management




Analyze the impact of SAP changes on the enterprise architecture and vice versa while aligning with business and IT goals.


Enable data-driven investment decisions through visibility into your IT landscape and business capabilities.


Combine customer-centric data and processes with enterprise-wide architecture and analysis.




Data visualization  



Leverage enhanced data visualization, advanced analytics, real-time updates, and to support data-driven decision making.


Explore data freely without the limitations of query-based tools or your existing infrastructure.



Having a clear vision of your current and future states is vital for Digital Transformation. With ServiceNow and Bizzdesign, you can model and define your desired future state, trigger actions, and track progress towards your goals.

Dave Armes, Area VP – Enterprise Architecture, EMEA, ServiceNow




Unlocking Customer Benefits: Through Diverse Data Sources