TATA Steel

TATA Steel Europe uses Bizzdesign software

to redefine its complete supply chain

EA for Manufacturers

Enterprise Architecture is still rarely applied in the manufacturing industry. However, Enterprise Architecture proved indispensable for TATA Steel in defining a more efficient process for producing and distributing steel. The architecture team realized the organization needed one common language and software platform to create an overview of processes, applications and infrastructure. This is when TATA Steel chose to work with BiZZdesign. To learn how they determined organizational capabilities, created a target architecture and redefined the supply chain, download this success story below.

“Describing processes and system interactions works very efficiently. The views provide a complete overview to easily access documentation. Through modeling,  all components are much more transparent.”

Gert-Jan Kamer, TATA Steel

Collaborative modeling of current and target state

The IT department discovered that the software platform facilitated collaborative modeling across the borders and limits of individual factories. The architects worked together to create an image of the current state, which in turn allowed them to determine organizational capabilities, and set goals to define a desired target state.