US Healthcare Provider Achieves 10x Enterprise Architecture Acceleration

Structured approach to manage your EA practice

with built-in guidance and expertise to achieve goals faster and with less risk


Generate Architecture diagrams automatically

Quick-start and faster time-to-value

  • Automatically generate architecture diagrams to set the baseline for your design work.
  • Kickstart any new design initiative by using pre-built baseline design views and fast data capture.
  • Save time with current state architecture automation, complemented by search and architecture exploration and analysis techniques.

Build and reuse architecture view templates

Quality and consistency

  • Leverage standardized, out-of-the-box templates for architecture views to ensure consistency.
  • View templates guide users in how they model to ensure data quality.
  • Repository-based collaboration ensures any updates are reflected across all models, views and analysis to ensure maximum EA team productivity and impact.

Use architecture design viewpoints for collaboration and stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement and alignment

  • Pre-built templates designed for engaging non-technical stakeholders enable business-led conversations.
  • Bridge the gap from unstructured workshop information capture to formal models that provide the basis for valuable analysis.
  • Connect the dots across all stakeholders and silos to provide a joined-up view of transformation roadmaps to ensure alignment and focus.

Integration use cases


  • ServiceNow Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Salesforce Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Confluence Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Excel integration with Bizzdesign
  • Jira Integration with Bizzdesign
  • aws integration with Bizzdesign
  • Power BI Integration with Bizzdesign
  • SAP Integration with Bizzdesign
  • BMC Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Teams Integration with Bizzdesign
  • ca-technologies-bizzdesign-integration
  • Elastic Integration with Bizzdesign
  • Google cloud Integration with Bizzdesign

Enterprise Architecture Management Benefits

Align transformation with strategic goals

Align transformation with strategic goals

Get a line of sight from motivation and strategic goals to your future state design and transformation roadmaps, by connecting the dots across stakeholders, business architecture, applications, and initiatives.

Optimize app portfolios for transformation

Optimize app portfolios for transformation

Optimize portfolios for digital transformation. Follow a guided process, create insights for key stakeholders, rationalize app landscape to save costs and drive cloud transformation.

Gain control over your EA

Gain control over your EA

Use ArchiMate® to capture enterprise architecture with open standards, create a central repository to catalog and connect business elements, and scale current state architecture with automation and data maintenance, which provides engaging views for non-expert stakeholders.

Support decision-making for transformation planning

Support decision-making for transformation planning

For informed transformation planning, create gap analysis, define the scope of key changes, and use migration scenarios to drive discussions and decisions.

Manage and govern your EA practice

Manage and govern your EA practice

Review and approve projects across architecture teams, traceable to change initiatives. Focus team(s) on high-impact deliverables based on best practices.

Define and manage the impact of change

Define and manage the impact of change

Identify the impact of change on your business and technology landscapes, delivering insightful roadmaps that minimize disruption and shorten time to value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does the EA Management solution help your enterprise architecture practice?

Our Enterprise Architecture Management solution provides a structured approach with built-in guidance and expertise to maximise the productivity of your EA practice. Pre-built templates drive time-to-value and ensure consistency, quality and efficiency.

2. Enterprise architecture vs. solution architecture management

Enterprise architecture (EA) management deals with the comprehensive structure and behavior of an organization, while solution architecture management focuses on designing and implementing specific solutions to business problems within that structure.

3. What is the role of an Enterprise Architect?

The role of an Enterprise Architect is to design and maintain the overall enterprise architecture of an organization.
Their key responsibilities include:

  • Defining the architecture principles and creating architecture models,
  • Aligning business and IT strategies,
  • Providing guidance to solution architects and other stakeholders,
  • Ensuring that the architecture meets the organization’s current and future needs.
4. Why is it important to use consistent and standardized approach in enterprise architecture management?

Using a consistent and standardized approach in Enterprise Architecture management is important because it enables better alignment between business and IT strategies, facilitates decision-making, improves communication and collaboration across teams, and ensures that architecture artifacts can be reused, shared, and maintained effectively. This approach also helps organizations to reduce complexity, minimize risks, increase agility, and optimize their investments in technology and innovation.