Business Architecture

Align (IT) transformations to Business Strategy
Set and execute investment priorities

Alignment of strategy to execution between the business and IT

One of the biggest challenges Enterprise Architecture teams face is ensuring this alignment of strategy to execution between the business and IT.

Business Capability Planning (BCP) is a powerful tool to ensure the alignment of IT transformation to business strategy. It provides the “Rosetta Stone” to align strategy, goals, business priorities and business processes to investments in applications, organizations and technology.  Capabilities define what an organization needs to be able to do, capable of, independent from the organization structure,  to successfully achieve the desired business outcomes.

With a BCP framework in place Enterprise Architecture teams can ensure this alignment of strategy to execution by using a language that is common to business and IT.

  • Enable an enterprise-wide perspective of business performance
  • Identify priorities for investments that are aligned to the organizations strategic goals
  • Ensure the alignment of strategic planning to agile based execution

Capability-based planning can be used to set investment priorities that will deliver the most value to an organization, in line with this strategy.

Define, Analyze, Plan and Realize Your Future Capabilities and Resources

  • Provide insight into your organization’s operations with capability maps, and use heat maps to focus your efforts on important areas of investment and change
  • Align project and program portfolios with strategic capabilities
  • Link desired capabilities to changes in business processes and investments in IT assets

Analyze critical dependencies into improving capabilities, identify gaps, and create clear roadmaps to close these gaps

“Capabilities allow Enterprise Architects to initiate discussions with business leaders in terms of business outcomes, while having a link between what an organization can do with how it does it.”

Jan Jaap Elskamp, Customer Success Director at Bizzdesign