Drive quick value and long-term success together

In today’s business, ensuring that you derive maximum value from our products and services is crucial. Our Customer Success approach, encapsulated in the services Bizzdesign offers to you, is a proactive practice aimed at fostering a strong relationships, driving engagement, and ensuring you and the team using Bizzdesign is satisfied to the max.

Success methodology


Customer onboarding

We begin with a seamless onboarding process to integrate our software into your operations smoothly.


Professional services

We offer a range of professional services, including consultancy, training, and education, to enhance your team’s capabilities and ensure optimal use of our software.


Success management

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will work closely with you to maximize the value of our solutions. This partnership commits both of us to proactively achieve the best possible outcomes for your business.

Customer onboarding

Getting you up and running!

Get to know each other

We will provide a brief overview of Bizzdesign and make sure we get to know your needs. You will also receive the welcome package.

Product overview and setup

Our team will provide a detailed explanation of our products and services. We’ll also guide you through setting up your account and using our ticketing system for support.

Professional services and support

We’ll schedule consulting and training sessions, highlight available informational resources, and ensure you know how to access support channels for any questions in the future.

Billing and payments

We’ll clarify the billing process, discuss payment terms, and address any specific pricing details to ensure transparency and understanding.

Keep connected

We’ll connect you to a success manager and schedule follow-up calls to discuss your satisfaction and any requests.

Professional Services

Enterprise Architecture consulting services:

Rapid deployment of Bizzdesign software:
Get up and running quickly with our expert-led deployment of the Bizzdesign software solution. We ensure a smooth and swift integration, so you can start seeing the benefits right away.

Advisory consulting on best practices:
Our seasoned consultants provide top-notch advisory services, sharing the best practices in enterprise architecture. We’ll help you streamline processes, optimize frameworks, and achieve your architecture goals efficiently.

Coaching and mentoring:
We believe in building strong teams and leaders. Our coaching and mentoring services are designed for architects, their managers, and senior executives. We work closely with your stakeholders, guiding them to enhance their skills and drive your architecture program forward.

Academy training and eLearning services:

Flexible and tailored learning
From intimate classroom sessions to powerful e-learning and hybrid training….our Bizzdesign Academy provides training courses, developed and delivered by Enterprise Architecture professionals with years of industry experience. Our courses can be customized to address your specific business challenges and goals.


Success management


Get expertise

Our expert team, with decades of experience in ArchiMate, TOGAF, and more, is here to support you at every step. Book personalized sessions and maximize your value with our unique expertise.


Get trained

Bizzdesign Academy offers top-rated Enterprise Architecture training in standards and Bizzdesign solutions. Our classroom, e-learning, and hybrid courses provide your team with tailored onboarding and ongoing training.


Get enabled

Our success package includes core design capability enablement, with recurring sessions to enhance multi-level architecture skills, focus on future state design, and provide usability updates for a broader audience.


Get support

Our top-rated customer support, backed by user-friendly online resources, ensures you get fast, attentive service as per our agreements.


Get personal advisor

You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will create a tailored success plan based on Bizzdesign’s key use cases and best practices, ensuring you maximize the value from our Best-in-class transformation platform by aligning it with your specific business goals and driving optimal outcomes.

Support & community

Join our users community:

Be a part of our vibrant online community! Connect with your peers, share your best practices and let’s grow together.


Our top-rated support team is always there to help you. Extensive documentation, friendly and highly skilled support engineers ready to jump on a call with you and 24×7 emergency hotlines: Bizzdesign has your back whenever you need help.