Capability-based Planning to Support Agile Digital Transformation

Clear vision of the digital future and roadmap

Alliander, the largest regional grid operator in the Netherlands, transitioned in a very short time from just a few development teams to a full-blown digital business program that featured 90+ autonomous scrum teams, grouped in 5 agile solution trains, and following multiple agile release trains.

However, it was obvious that there was a disconnect between the teams’ work – they had no way to ensure coordinated progress towards the company’s strategic vision.

Transparency and shared vision for coordinated enterprise transformation

Introducing Horizzon helped the organization to achieve and maintain a clear business vision for every critical business capability. In addition, the team was able to carry out custom assessments of the company’s business-IT performance. And finally, the creation of architectural models became a staple practice and helped to nurture a better decision-making process.

By connecting IT to the business side in this manner, the business architects at Alliander made a powerful case for better accountability in investments and budget allocation, which ultimately made the entire organization better.

“We needed something to help us maintain an overview of the organization and, crucially, to guide our next strategic steps.”

Martijn van Glabbeek, Manager Corporate Quality & Data Management at Alliander

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