Making the Case for Enterprise Architecture

Mar 14, 2019
Written by
Marc Lankhorst
Marc Lankhorst

Making the Case for Enterprise Architecture

Making the case for Enterprise Architecture in your organization is not always straightforward. That’s because management and, generally speaking, business stakeholders tend to want numbers up front, which is impossible to calculate beforehand. Now, there are plenty of studies that have been done that prove the value of Enterprise Architecture, but that’s only possible after engaging in the practice.

So how do you get around the problem and what can you do to increase the chances of success when presenting a business case for EA in your organization? We actually asked Marc Lankhorst, Managing Consultant and Chief Technology Evangelist here at BiZZdesign, what he thought of the topic. You can find a video of him below, here are some of the points Marc touches on:

  • What approach should you take in presenting enterprise architecture to management?
  • What are some examples of the positive effects of Enterprise Architecture?
  • How to convince management that EA adds value?
  • What are some concrete benefits for building an EA business case?

Enjoy, and let us know if you know any other good tactics for building a strong business case for EA.

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