5 Process models examples (and benefits!)

Jun 2, 2023
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Joost Niehof
Joost Niehof

5 Process models examples (and benefits!)

Topic: Business process management focuses on how the enterprise operates and delivers the results i.e. products and services to external and internal customers.

Process models represent an abstract view of a business process and serve as a blueprint for implementing or improving it. A process model describes how the process works, what steps are involved, and how those steps are performed. Process models can be designed in business process management software or enterprise architecture platforms.

We advise and promote designing business processes on an enterprise architecture platform, such as Bizzdesign Horizzon, because it helps you to design and execute transformations effectively. The benefits of this are described below.

Benefits of business process models (and examples)

  1. Transparency
    Process models help everyone to understand which processes exist in an organization and to show who is responsible and accountable for which activities. It also helps employees to understand the bigger picture better and how their work influences the outcomes and the work of others.

    Transparency of business processes - Bizzdesign business process models

    (figure 1) Source: Bizzdesign Horizzon

  2. Standardization
    In large organizations, multiple teams may be doing the same work. Process models can play a big role in the discovery of duplicate work. They can help facilitate discussions to standardize the processes across these teams – resulting in global standardized processes (see figure 3 below).

    Standardization Process | Bizzdesign business process models

    (figure 2) Source: Bizzdesign Horizzon

    Example BPMN Model | Business process models Bizzdesign

    (figure 3) Source: Bizzdesign Horizzon

    Example Business process Model | Bizzdesign

    (figure 4) Source: Bizzdesign Horizzon

  3. Improve efficiency
    Process models include explicit business knowledge of how to do a job, and with this information, organizations can start working on improving processes. Improving the quality of the output ultimately improves your bottom line.

    Business process models | Bizzdesign

    (figure 5) Source: Bizzdesign Horizzon

  4. Grow your key capabilities
    The maturity of your organization’s capabilities is based on people, technology, data and process. Establishing an enterprise-wide business process management practice greatly contributes to developing your key capabilities.

    Business process models | Bizzdesign

    (figure 6) Source: Bizzdesign Horizzon

  5. Link IT to strategy
    Business processes represent how a business operates. Regardless of the operational strategy (i.e. operational excellence, customer intimacy, or product leadership), an organization’s strategy is always reflected in its business processes. Processes link your organization’s strategic goals and the technology supporting this, and IT inspires and supports the people that make processes work.

    Business process models | Bizzdesign

    (figure 7) Source: Bizzdesign Horizzon

Last word…

We’ve designed a guided process framework solution for process teams, which includes out-of-the-box framework templates and management dashboards. With our solution, process teams design and manage a structured process architecture aligned with the enterprise’s strategic business goals.

So we’re giving process teams the tools for process modeling: to create, edit, and manage process models at various levels of detail, but aligned with enterprise architecture so they can get insights on the complete enterprise model to execute transformation initiatives effectively.

In a nutshell, with our Business Process Management out-of-the-box solution, it’s possible to:

  • Execute high-quality process framework deliverables
  • Communicate multi-level processes
  • Ensure review and approval processes
  • Discover and identify new processes
  • Raise business process management maturity

If you want to learn more, please contact us for a demo.