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World-class lifetime success service and support

We know what we are doing and care.

We support our world-class software with unrivalled expertise, service, support and a 100% commitment to the successful achievement of your goals.

We know your goal is not to buy software. Your goal is to solve a specific challenge, to realize specific value for specific stakeholders or deliver specific business outcomes. The software is only the means to an end. And no matter how good the software, fully achieving these business roles requires the right degree – for you, for your situation and your goals – of service, support and broader benchmarking. In other words, it requires more than software. It requires the right, tailored partnership.

It is this concept of true partnership that differentiates us. It is through our unique long-term relationships with our customers that we differentiate ourselves from the pack and achieve superior results. As many customers tell us when we ask them why they chose BiZZdesign: “Bizzdesign employees know what they’re doing and truly care about my results.”

We do this in a number of ways, including through our Success Methodology and Assets. What is standard is the same dedication to the highest quality of customer care. What is different per customer is how we tailor these components according to the level of support you desire.

Lifetime Success Services


Get expertise

Expert Inquiries

We go beyond the usual to enable you to get the maximum value. Thanks to our decades of experience, we have built up a unique group of experts, on topics ranging from standards like ArchiMate and TOGAF, on Architecture best practices to security, risk and other specific use case expertise. You are able to book specific sessions with these experts.


Get trained

BiZZdesign Academy

Bizzdesign Academy is a top-rated, leading provider of Enterprise Architecture training courses, in standards and Bizzdesign solutions. The classroom sessions, e-learning courses and hybrid training options provides your new and existing colleagues with the onboarding and ongoing training they need, at the pace and in the form they want it.


Get enabled

Core design capability

As part of our success package we offer core design capability enablement. Recurring sessions support your teams to build strong capabilities on multi-level architecture design, shift their focus to include future state design and provide updates to increase usability to the broader audience.


Get help

Customer Support

Whatever question or issues might arise, our top-scoring customer support team, supported by our user-friendly publicly accessible online documentation and resources, provides you the attention you need at the speed you expect, as provided in our service level arrangements with you.


Get support

Dedicated success manager

We will assign you a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will help you achieve the highest value from our solutions and assist in any way that might contribute to your success. This commits both you and us to act as proactive partners in achieving the best results.

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