BiZZdesign awards 2021 – Winners and Finalists

2021 Bizzdesign Enterprise Architecture Awards – Winners and Finalists

The 2021 Bizzdesign ‘Change by Design’ Awards recognize teams who push the boundaries of Enterprise Architecture in support of change. These teams demonstrate ‘the art of the possible’ and the full power of Enterprise Architecture in helping their organizations safely and rapidly navigate complex multi-dimensional challenges.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the awards this year and we look forward to hearing more great stories next year.

It is a true pleasure to congratulate this year’s winners and finalists. We’re honored and proud to be their partner in these ambitious and successful journeys of organizational change and improvement.  Follow us on LinkedIn and Youtube to learn more about their stories.

Anglian Water – Winner of “Business Resilience” Award

Anglian Water is recognized for leveraging Enterprise Architecture to provide a true picture of resilience ensuring that business expectations and recovery plans are aligned.

“Anglian Water is a true picture of resilience because we understand the impact of system failures on our business goals and performance commitments. We can now ensure that business expectations and recovery plans are always aligned.”
Jim Geatches, Enterprise Data Architecture Manager, Anglian Water

“We have expanded our community to collaborate with colleagues outside of architecture roles. For example, we are now collaborating with the cross-business investment group to develop a capability-based planning approach to investment, driven by the enterprise model within BiZZdesign.”
Ben Murray-Robertson – Enterprise Architect, Anglian Water

BiZZdesign’s platform is today Anglian Water’s master modeling platform for their Enterprise Model and holds within a master catalog of their goals, capabilities, processes, data subject areas, and applications as ArchiMate elements.

The value of their collaborative enterprise architecture program enables near-live business resilience reporting, solves business issues through visibility and communication and reports on the real-time impact of Covid on critical teams and activities.



Singapore Pools – Winner of “Innovation” Award

Singapore Pools is recognized for its Digital Enterprise Architecture establishment as a culture.

“My team has been tasked to drive business innovation through technology adoption. The way forward is to have a Digital Enterprise Architecture culture that provides us with a clear map of our enterprise. From this, we can focus on identifying and analyzing dependencies and the impact of strategic decisions and develop new capabilities for our business.”  
Mr. Yeo Teck Guan, Chief Business Technology Officer, Singapore Pools  

Through their innovative Digital Enterprise Architecture approach, the enterprise architecture Team has created an agile organization with a view of the entire landscape.  This has strengthened collaboration and communications between teams, increased the risk profile of the overall architecture, strategy and assets, and they’re empowered to calculate business value and prioritize IT measures.

Stanford Health Care – Winner of “Enterprise Collaboration” Award

Presented with the “Enterprise Collaboration” award, Stanford Health Care is recognized for embracing enterprise architecture by consolidating their architecture teams and strengthening collaboration across teams and disciplines.

On joining Stanford Health Care in early 2020, Anurang Revri (Chief Enterprise Architect) immediately assessed the current enterprise architecture maturity, created an enterprise architecture roadmap, consolidated the enterprise architecture and Solution Architecture teams bringing the total to 7 architects (1 Chief Enterprise Architect, 1 Enterprise Architect, 1 Solution Architect Manager, and 4 Solution Architects) to make the Enterprise Architecture program a more strategic organizational function.

“Our Enterprise Architecture program accelerated from 5 to 55 mph during 2020. We can now design a blueprint of the greater Stanford Medicine community with a centralized data repository that supports both future analysis and strategic decisions.”  
Anurang Revri, VP & Chief Enterprise Architect, Stanford Health Care 




Alliander – Finalist of “Business Resilience” Award

The architects at Alliander are honored for their contribution in ensuring that the organization remains resilient and future-ready.

Energy transition is a significant focus at Alliander and in the coming 10 years they have to perform the amount of work equal to the past 40 years. Alliander has embraced BiZZdesign’s platform to create a resilient and future-ready Business Architecture – at scale and speed – that enables meaningful conversations between business, IT and the stakeholders of their digital transformation program.

“At the heart of business architecture, business capabilities helps to cut through the complexity by providing a common vocabulary for what is common across our business. This provides an enterprise-wide overview from a business perspective, and it is the ‘Rosetta stone’ for digital business.” 
Martijn van Glabbeek, Product Manager | Quality & Business Architecture, Alliander 

Danske Bank – Finalist of “Enterprise Collaboration” Award

The Enterprise Architecture Team at Danske Bank is honored for ensuring effective collaboration, architectural alignment, and guidance for over 200 architects.

The creation of their Enterprise Architecture Centre of Excellence has helped to accelerate enterprise-wide transformation.  Furthermore, their enterprise architecture program has sparked collaboration across domains providing insights into their portfolio, helping to qualify decision-making as well as resolve demarcation of application ownership and to meet regulatory requirements.


Tim Steele (Aquion) – “Outstanding Partnerships” Recognition Award

This newly created award recognizes the outstanding support highlighted by Bizzdesign users through our partner network.

We are proud to present Tim Steele with this recognition as he was strongly nominated by his clients for being such a trusted advisor and for his top-notch customer relationship skills.

“Thank you BiZZdesign; it’s an honour to receive this award.  It is a pleasure to work with and support our fantastic customers as they leverage Bizzdesign to grow and thrive.”

Tim Steele, Aquion

BiZZdesign Employee “Rock Star” Award

We are pleased to announce joint winners that were nominated by our customer community for being “rock stars” and for supporting them and their teams through their enterprise architecture journeys, and driving customer success.

Henk Jonkers – one customer shares that Henk was pivotal in helping them to share their architectural catalogs with the business via SharePoint. Henk is praised for being responsive and dealing with the customer’s queries swiftly; he spent many hours with the customer setting up and troubleshooting issues regarding their SharePoint integration. Without Henk’s help, the customer cited that they wouldn’t have been able to share their catalogs with the business and promote architecture to the wider business.

Steve Wagner – Steve is praised for his training expertise and having exceptional qualities in helping our customers be successful. Steve was highlighted by one customer as being instrumental in establishing ArchiMate and BPMN templates and patterns for their Technology and Business views. He is also commended for being a true advisor to our customers on where they need to go as an organization.