New Research Shows Enterprise Architecture Maturity Drives Agility and Innovation Advantages


EA-mature organizations are more agile and more effective at influencing the technology decisions of agile teams 

Bizzdesign has published its second annual research report on the state of enterprise architecture worldwide. The State of Enterprise Architecture 2022 unveils insights gathered from over 800 EA practitioners across all industries and organization sizes.
The report sought to understand the relationship between enterprise architecture maturity and the ability of organizations to adapt and innovate in these turbulent times.

The report highlights six key findings: 

  • There’s a 66 percent gulf between high and low EA maturity performers. Analysis of top quartile versus bottom quartile performers revealed an average 66 percent gulf across seven EA maturity dimensions. The survey report highlights many opportunities for laggards to improve the organizational impact of their EA programs.
  • Organizations with mature EA programs have a threefold agility advantage. Organizations with top quartile EA maturity outscored EA maturity laggards with a 3x organizational agility advantage, likely to prove crucial in such turbulent times.
    Less mature EA programs fail to influence on multiple levels. C-level executives and board members at EA maturity laggards were six times less likely to regularly consume EA content than their peers at EA maturity leaders. EA maturity laggards were less than half as effective at influencing the technology decisions of agile teams.
  • Progress is required for EA to facilitate innovation more fully. Just 20 percent of all respondents fully agreed that their EA program delivered faster innovation and faster time to market. Moreover, just six percent of respondents claimed that EAs were always included in agile teams and had the necessary authority to successfully influence their technology decisions.
  • Organizations with mature EA programs integrate EA into their security, risk, and compliance programs. Eighty percent of top-quartile EA maturity organizations said that security, risk, or compliance managers consumed EA content monthly or more often. This was over three times higher than EA maturity laggards.
  • Up to 45 percent of EA practitioners lack an EA tool that is fit for purpose. Asked whether they had an EA management tool that supports governed, collaborative design, adherence to industry standards, and powerful analysis, 23 percent disagreed, and 22 percent somewhat disagreed.

Indre Wakil, Senior Demand Generation Manager for Bizzdesign, said: “Recent world events and numerous economic challenges make organizational agility and the ability to innovate top priorities for organizations in 2022. Our findings clearly show that mature enterprise architecture capabilities are fundamental to organizations’ ability to make well-informed business and technology change decisions.”

The EA maturity advantage 
At the heart of the report is Bizzdesign’s model for assessing enterprise architecture maturity and its impact on business performance. The results show that EA leaders:

  • Have a three times higher average organizational agility score than laggards
  • Were nearly three and a half times more likely to say they “out-changed” their industry peers
  • Are almost three times more likely to say they execute planned changes well
  • Claim to cope more than twice as well when dealing with unplanned business changes
  • Have a 1.7 higher average self-assessment score for agile maturity
  • Report a 1.8 higher average self-assessment score for agile maturity within their EA teams

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