Bizzdesign’s AI Center of Excellence brings Generative AI to enterprise architecture


Bizzdesign today announced its AI Center of Excellence, a major initiative to bring the power of artificial intelligence to Bizzdesign Horizzon, its SaaS enterprise architecture platform.

As part of this initiative, Bizzdesign is dedicating significant resources to current and ongoing AI research and development, aiming to augment Bizzdesign Horizzon with several new AI-powered capabilities. Bizzdesign is also partnering with technology companies and industry experts to drive research and innovation in AI/ ML.

In many ways, the AI Center of Excellence is a continuation of Bizzdesign Horizzon’s first AI capability, launched in 2020, the Relation Recommender for ArchiMate. This capability simplifies and accelerates modeling work for architects by automating the selection of relationship types when connecting components in architecture models, making it much easier and faster for non-expert users.

  Modeling without Relation Recommender

Modeling with Relation Recommender

Bizzdesign’s AI Center of Excellence is currently working on the following soon-to-be-released Generative AI capabilities in Bizzdesign Horizzon:

  • Reference Architecture for Generative AI: To support and guide customers in adopting generative AI at scale in their enterprise, this reference architecture contains a valuable set of principles, guidelines, controls, and capabilities that organizations need to consider, align, and adopt to realize the benefits of generative AI while also managing the risks.
  • “How to” Coach AI Assistant: An AI assistant trained on Bizzdesign’s product documentation and knowledge base that guides users in getting things done in Bizzdesign Horizzon.





  • Bizzdesign AI Bot: Enables natural language queries of the Bizzdesign repository that empowers non-technical business users to get the insights and answers they need to drive better and faster transformation.
  • Diagram Importer: Converts unstructured diagrams into structured models using cognitive AI, eliminating the need for file conversion covering formal notations and unstructured diagrams such as whiteboard sketches.

Nick Reed, Chief Strategy Officer at Bizzdesign says, “Every organization is wrestling with how to adopt generative AI at scale. Given the transformative potential of the new breed of highly consumable AI services, we believe enterprise architects have a crucial enabling role in connecting the dots between new technologies and business outcomes, ensuring they are deployed safely, securely, and reliably to achieve business goals.”

Reed continues, “In tandem with this, we’re providing our own Generative AI capabilities in Bizzdesign Horizzon to engage a broad set of stakeholders in accelerating their digital transformation with more intelligent insights based on information that would be otherwise inaccessible for decision-making.”

Learn more about Bizzdesign’s AI initiatives:

Watch our recent webinar, where Bizzdesign’s AI experts talked about the rising demand for AI in enterprise frameworks. Discover how we’re paving the way with our streamlined Generative AI reference architecture and how we shape the future with Bizzdesign Horizzon’s advanced AI features.

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