BIZZdesign Accelerates Expansion In 2018, Strengthens Client Portfolio With Global 4000 Companies


Bizzdesign registers its highest growth year ever, finishes 2018 with notable increases across the board.

BiZZdesign, the leading enterprise transformation software vendor, has closed the year 2018 with strong results across the board, achieving all its corporate objectives on the road to delivering its best year on record. The company’s solid year ended with an impressive display of perseverance and diligence that saw the addition of 23 new Global 4000 target accounts in the fourth quarter alone.

Apart from an increase in the number of deals won in 2018, Bizzdesign has also seen the average contract size expand. This reflects stronger market buy-in for the Horizzon platform, as well as widespread adoption within the existing customer base. It’s worth noting that North America has been a particularly powerful engine of growth in 2018, with Bizzdesign scoring several important strategic wins at large global enterprises. Overall, the company has registered a 26% increase in its Annually Recurring Revenue, a 19% increase in its Software Revenues, and a 35% increase in Services Revenues. The headcount has also grown by 13% to support the expanding customer base.

Importantly, Bizzdesign continues to maintain robust financial health while increasing investments in product and security and shifting its business model to SaaS. As such, the company remains well-positioned to continue reinvesting and enhancing our offering.

“Over the past year we’ve grown considerably, yet our commitment to customers remains unchanged, as we continue to strive to provide the best products and services on the market”, said Harmen van den Berg, BiZZdesign’s CEO. “We are pleased to see this level of traction with new and existing customers, based on the value they generate from our software, driving the growth of BiZZdesign.”

Notable successes in 2018 also included being awarded the highest position in the annual Gartner Magic Quadrant report, achieving the highest score in the Gartner Critical Capability Report for Enterprise Architecture, and releasing Horizzon 4, the newest version of the company’s business transformation platform. “In the year ahead”, said Harmen van den Berg, “I look forward to further improving the standard of our product and services, and maintaining our market leader status. We owe this to our customers, and I’m confident we’re up for the job”.

About BiZZdesign:
BiZZdesign is a leading enterprise transformation software vendor based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2000 as the commercial spin-off of an R&D institute, today the company enjoys a global presence and is recognized by industry analysts as a market leader. The Bizzdesign Suite is deployed in blue chip companies and government organizations across all continents, where it plays a key role in enabling meaningful business change.