New features

The New Supercharged Bizzdesign HoriZZon

Top 5 Key Powerful Features

We’re very excited to launch a set of powerful new features to empower and enable enterprise, business, solutions, and data or information architects to shape and steer the most complex and challenging change scenarios in their organizations.

The latest features focus on enabling effective cross-collaboration, strengthening data quality and reliability, and creating more compelling insights for architects across a range of disciplines.

Stronger stakeholder engagement with new custom visualizations

Tailor diagrams with stakeholder-focused view templates and custom iconology to create powerful analyses that resonate with a specific target audience. Create content that impacts a target audience by leveraging more view types and diagramming options.

Faster decision-making with actionable content in a single view

Users have a consolidated view of all their responsibilities, making it easy to track open tasks and view relevant information. By having a full picture of their most important and recent actions, users fast-track decision-making and conduct impactful analysis. For example, on the current business value of applications.

Collaborate effectively with  people-centered data policies

People are at the center of Bizzdesign HoriZZon’s data collection and maintenance processes. Architects connect targeted users and groups to relevant datasets and schedule maintenance to ensure that data is timely updated. Users utilize the platform to share their knowledge and build datasets enabling better decision-making.

More powerful, richer insights with the latest Open API release

By mapping interdependencies, Bizzdesign Horizzon brings together and creates unique n-dimensional insight across disparate data sources and organizational silos in a single platform. This all starts with a powerful Open API, which allows the integration of datasets from key data sources/ external systems with the platform.

Superior data quality with intuitive guided data-entry functionalities

Notifications guide users to their prioritized work. Updating data is driven by data policies and it is task and action-oriented, enabling improved data quality and allowing for more people to engage. For example, users only edit important information at a predefined time by making weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates.