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Improving Communication between Business and IT with Enterprise Architecture Information

Olga Lucia Salgado, a senior enterprise architect at a privately held manufacturing company, used to rely too much on Excel and SharePoint for enterprise architecture (EA) information. She and her team came to the conclusion that an EA tool was needed to help them mature and organize their information and analysis.

After evaluating a number of vendors – including Orbus and LeanIX – the solution they chose to go with was BiZZdesign. According to Salgado, the reasons were: one vendor did not have the whole modeling capability that they really wanted, and with the other vendor, it would have “ended up being a lot more expensive” if they wanted to scale.

“We now have one way for communicating between IT and business, and that’s true, as well, for our partners or implementers when we do IT projects.”

Salgado’s full review on IT Central Station shows how BiZZdesign’s Horizzon platform provides a single source of data and pays huge dividends.
Main Use Case

Salgado has the latest cloud version of Horizzon and shared that they are using it to “analyze our IT investment portfolio and the architecture related to it.” That includes process, data, applications, and infrastructure. They collect all of that information for each of their initiatives or projects and analyze it on HoriZZon.

“At the end of the day, that is our purpose: to communicate to our broader audience. These visualizations and charts help business stakeholders assess and make investment decisions on technology to really optimize our IT investments, and they provide the right capabilities to achieve this strategy.”