2021 Enterprise Architecture “Change by Design” Awards

2021 Enterprise Architecture  “Change by Design” Awards

Showcase the Achievements of your Enterprise Architecture Team and Program!

The Bizzdesign Enterprise Architecture “Change by Design” Awards celebrate the amazing work our customers do in their organizations with our Enterprise Architecture platform to transform their business and people and thrive in the face of change.

If your Enterprise Architecture program has made a significant impact on your organization – whether it supports key change initiatives, or it has helped your business and teams to be more resilient and insights-driven, improve decision-making, prioritize investments, operate in more agile ways, or to connect better with your customers – then we’d love to hear from you!

Award Categories

Showcase how your Enterprise Architecture team / initiative helps to build a more agile and resilient organization.

Showcase how your Enterprise Architecture initiative / team collaborates with the wider architect and/or business teams to achieve improved outcomes.

Showcase how your Enterprise Architecture initiative demonstrates innovation and creativity connected to business goals.

Nominate a Bizzdesign employee who has exceeded your expectations by supporting you and your team to meet your goals and aspirations.  Tell us why they should be recognized for driving customer success.

What do Winners Receive?

  • An engraved award to celebrate their achievements
  • Recognition through a range of promotional activities – this may include video recordings/ podcast interviews
  • Promotion through press release announcements, social media, and in customer success campaigns
  • A digital kit including the “Design for Change” winner logo to promote their achievements

Submissions are now closed.

Submit Your Entry

Complete and submit your entry no later than November 04, 2021 and by 16:00 CET

Here are just few guidelines to help you get started:

  • To be eligible to enter the Awards, you need to be a current Bizzdesign customer.
  • To stand a good chance to win, your submissions should ideally show, using facts and figures, how BiZZdesign’s enterprise architecture platform was used in your initiative and how this fundamentally improved your business, strategy and goals.
  • For example, “After deploying the [initiative], our XX processes were streamlined by XX percent, and we saw cost savings/revenue increase by XX.”
  • Do also include insights and testimonials from relevant stakeholders in your organization, or from different team members, as this will greatly contribute to your nomination.

Submissions are now closed.

Have a great story to tell but not sure where to start?  Check out this guide: BiZZdesign Customer Awards 2021 – Tips To Get Your Entry Started.

Important Dates

October 14 — Nomination window opens

November 04 by 16:00 CET— Deadline for submissions

November 15  — Winners notified

November 15-23 , 2021 — Winners recordings take place (final schedule TBC)

November 30 — Winners announcements / videos released

Submissions are now closed.

Please contact community@bizzdesign.com if you have any further questions

Additional Information

It is incumbent upon the individual or organization to confirm there is no prohibition imposed on the organization or individual, either by statute or organizational policy or practice, that would preclude the organization or individual from accepting the award.

Entries will be judged by a panel consisting of Bizzdesign Management Team. The decisions of that panel are final.

Winners agree to allow Bizzdesign to use their name to create the winners announcements.  Bizzdesign will work collaboratively with the participant(s) to discuss the usage of materials and information to showcase the winner’s full story.  You may confirm your options on the online submission form.

All participants agree to be bound by these terms and by the decisions of BiZZdesign, including, but not limited to, decisions regarding eligibility and award recipients, which are final and binding in all respects. Bizzdesign reserves the right to revise, suspend, or cancel this award program in its sole discretion.

Please contact community@bizzdesign.com if you have any further questions