Business process transformations and CIOs

Nov 3, 2022
Written by
Harmen van den Berg
Harmen van den Berg

Business process transformations and CIOs

CIOs are typically tasked to execute business process transformation change initiatives. Executing change is often complex because today’s large organizations have thousands of employees, processes and IT systems. An essential driver for the CIO to execute change is for the enterprise to move and change direction as one entity, and this is where enterprise architecture plays a key role.

A change in one department may impact different parts of the organization. For example, deciding to deliver a service via an app instead of at a physical location will impact people, processes and IT systems. With Enterprise Architecture, the impact of change becomes known, and it becomes possible for the office of the CIOs to design scenarios for the future and plan and implement changes.

Bizzdesign Horizzon provides the CIO with impactful insights 

Business process transformation and enterprise architecture

The enterprise architecture practice is ideally suited to support the CIO’s office to execute business process transformations because their scope is much broader than IT. This practice is increasingly concerned with business issues and is given joint responsibility for ensuring that C-level management achieves the organization’s business goals.

To help them get impactful and data-driven insights that could assist C-level management in making the right decisions, they use a modern enterprise architecture platform such as Bizzdesign Horizzon.

ea and BPM - Business process transformations

Bizzdesign Horizzon is unique in that it’s a shared workbench for all architects (not only enterprise architects) to share critical business insights. For example, Solution Architects collaborate smarter by speeding up their design work and aligning with CISOs and security architects around a Zero Trust Architecture , and process owners and (business) architects easily maintain processes and publish and execute insights fast. All architects are aligned and connected to the big-picture enterprise architecture backbone to give C-level executives the insights they need to successfully execute change initiatives, such as in-control and secure (digital, cloud, organizational) transformations.

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