Zero Trust Architecture

Transform your security capabilities with our structured design approach to achieving a Zero Trust Architecture. Add incremental value to the enterprise through your Zero Trust Architecture transformation journey.

Zero Trust Architecture

Architect, design and manage Zero Trust transformation – all on one platform

Make transformation manageable and structured. Target and deliver incremental value iteratively and frequently throughout your journey with our Zero Trust solution, while staying on track to deliver on your strategic business goals.

Built on Bizzdesign Horizzon, our solution follows a best-practice architecture-guided approach. So you can architect a framework that provides holistic protection, as well as a response to security events that’s both high-quality and fast.

Quickly assess business impacts of security risks and compliance using architecture model-based analytics, providing transparency and traceability for these insights. Create a repository of knowledge that helps manage the risk associated with the lack of enterprise security architecture skills.


Packaged, repeatable and consumable templates to streamline Zero Trust transformation

Everything you need to enable the outcome of a Zero Trust Architecture is here! Bizzdesign’s Zero Trust Architecture solution includes a process, a Zero Trust Architecture maturity reference model, and pre-populated Zero Trust design patterns to assist you in a Zero Trust security transformation.

Use our pre-packaged, repeatable, and pattern-based modeling templates for security-based capability design, security technology portfolio management, and enterprise solution design using security patterns.


  • Realize security value
  • Make great security technology decisions
  • Protect, detect and response
  • Improve business engagement
  • Accelerate transformation
  • Increase business value

Make security engagement simple, consistent and repeatable. Truly shifting security left in the enterprise.

Identify simplification opportunities, facilitate reuse, manage security technology risks, and prioritize strategic security tools.

Through excellence in architecture, execute the delivery of operational security technology that addresses the need of security stakeholders to move fast and make accurate decisions.

Design security systems to meet business needs by providing consumable patterns and streamlined governance. Plan the transformation of business applications to zero trust architecture accurately and consistently, use our reporting to demonstrate the reduction in security risk as transformation takes place.

Architect and design Zero Trust transformation in one tool. Manage and plan zero trust transformation to deliver incremental value through the change process.

Increase the value of enterprise architecture modeling by embedding security architecture. Understand and manage the complexity through connected architecture models.