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Just launched: BiZZdesign Portal

We are happy to announce an all new BiZZdesign Portal. This Portal offers an integrated solution with Enterprise Studio, and is really something special. It uses the latest technologies, is easy to use and offers users a great looking interface.

Key functionalities include:

  • Real time access to models, views and data
  • Fully responsive
  • Role based access control: information is made available persona based
  • Advanced search functionality: find your information quickly
  • Analytic functionality for views and dashboards

The BiZZdesign Portal is available now; first customers are already rolling out the solution. Early responses have been really good; users love it!

And we have only just started. We have great plans for extending functionality in the upcoming months and years. Stay tuned about all developments that will come, including a commercial launch after the summer.

With this release we continue to help our customers change and disrupt their industries and as we know executing change is complex. This addition to our platform will continue to provide unique insights for our customers to simplify and drive continuous transformation so that they can change faster … with less waste and less risk.

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