Expanding our Horizzon in 2021

Jan 13, 2021
Written by
Peter Matthijssen
Peter Matthijssen

Expanding our Horizzon in 2021

2020 was a tough year. Covid-19 created a ‘perfect storm’, leaving many companies fighting an unfair fight. And we are still in the middle of it. Let 2021 be the start of a better future for all of us.

Recent developments show the vulnerability of our organizations. We live in an uncertain and challenging world, with a lot of complexity and moving parts (outside, but also inside our organizations). The ones who can manage this complexity best and can adapt to new opportunities – will thrive. How well is your organization prepared for the next storm?

At BiZZdesign, we have observed some interesting developments over the last year. The usage of our platform has grown rapidly, month after month. We see that organizations are in need of instant insights; quick informed options; calculated scenarios; and the power to execute change – now!

We are happy and proud to play our role in helping organizations to become more adaptive and therefore more resilient. There has never been a more important time to connect the dots in a complex environment to ensure decisive, informed and well-thought-out decision making and change.

Moving forward, we will continue to raise the bar in our platform. What can you expect from us in 2021?

1. Data, data, data

There is never a lack of data. But using data in an effective, integrated and real-time way is often a challenge. The Horizzon platform ‘lives’ within the larger ecosystem of our customers, and brings together different sources of data.

As our open API facilitates easy integration, more enhancements for smart integrations are planned for 2021. This will make it easier to connect Horizzon to relevant data sources. Also, in the area of data quality management we will extend our platform, with smart data maintenance workflows and audit trail features, utilizing mainstream collaboration platforms.

2. Connecting the dots

Organizations can be seen as complex ‘organisms’, with many moving parts. Most of the complexity is not so much about all individual components, but about how everything is related. If you change one thing, what other components could potentially be impacted? The Horizzon platform is all about capturing, visualizing, combining and utilizing these relations, for better insights and decision making.

Enhancements can be expected on automated capturing of relations and structures. Also, we will provide more out-of-the-box functions for Capability-based Planning. In a setting with many moving parts, the concept of capabilities provides stability.

3. Collaboration and Communication

The Horizzon platform brings together a wide range of users: to create designs and overviews, to contribute to insights, and to extract value. We serve users across business and IT, management and practitioners, as well as experts and occasional users.

In 2021 we will introduce new options for sharing content and stories across platforms. Also, we will add functionality for webmodeling, and persona-specific visualizations of models and data.

4. Self-service analytics

Horizzon provides powerful support for fact-based decision making by elaborating the full architectural repository. We are working on more advanced, ‘slice-and-dice’ functionality that makes this power available to a broad group of business users. By providing easy to use scoping, data wrangling, visualization and sharing options, we will be taking EA to a next level. So stay tuned in 2021 – exciting developments are coming our way!

Good luck architecting your organization towards a successful future, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help to make it happen!