The 7 Key Future Trends Shaping Your Enterprise Architecture Program

Feb 23, 2023
Written by
Peter Matthijssen
Peter Matthijssen

The 7 Key Future Trends Shaping Your Enterprise Architecture Program

Successful enterprise architects bring to bear a wealth of expertise across the business and the organization. They demonstrate their professional expertise by using an integrated SaaS platform like Bizzdesign Horizzon to get executives and IT change leaders proactive and dynamic insights to drive transformation and value delivery. But successful architects don’t travel alone…

Apart from our vision to develop meaningful software that will support you in bringing change to your organization, we’re also here to help you gain more knowledge on where the enterprise architecture industry is heading. For this, I’ve recently rounded up a group of Bizzdesign’s industry experts to compile a list of enterprise architecture trends that will impact your work in the coming months.

Bizzdesign’s heritage spans more than 23 years, with origins in the academic world. Having a quizzical mindset certainly hasn’t changed for us over the years, and we’re still known for attracting the brightest minds in the industry. They bring you their knowledge from years of experience working in technology and business and from listening to hundreds of customers sharing their learnings and experiences.

I’m including extracts from our top three trends below. Click on the banner below to download our full guide for our complete trends list.

Top 3 enterprise architecture trends

Extracts from our guide:

#Nr 1 trend: Enterprise Architect as the influencer

  • The nature of the enterprise architect’s role has changed and continues to change significantly to more of an influencer and enabler rather than a decision maker or enforcer.
  • Enterprise architects are increasingly working to create an environment that supports innovation and experimentation, providing freedom and autonomy to teams to create new digital products and capabilities.
  • Enterprise architects also provide the right information and insights to help those teams align with targeted business goals and outcomes, and provide transparency and traceability for those decisions. Find out more in our trends guide.

#Nr 2 trend: Sustainability

  • Action on climate change is gathering pace, but carbon emissions are only a small piece of the much wider sustainability agenda.
  • The drive for transparency isn’t new but is getting renewed pressure from many stakeholders – from financial markets and investors to charities and regulators. What’s new is that ‘greenwashing’ is no longer tolerated, and companies are expected to take action. The question is what actions to take and how to prioritize them.
  • With its holistic perspective and articulation of how different parts of an enterprise link together, enterprise architecture is uniquely well-placed to provide answers. Read more about the steps you can take in our guide.

#Nr 3 trend: Artificial Intelligence

  • ChatGPT has unleashed a new wave of Artificial Intelligence on the public. LinkedIn posts of people sharing their ChatGPT examples are widespread – having the AI tool drafts all kinds of content, from haikus to work reports.
  • AI is now a publicly accessible technology that’s rapidly approaching human intelligence levels. For enterprise architects, AI will become a more practical technology enabling smarter design practices.
  • Complementary, enterprise architects need to design architectures that support the successful application of AI to achieve business outcomes. We give you tips on how to approach AI in our guide.

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To learn more, download our full guide . I’m also interested in hearing your views. Are the trends we’ve listed already impacting your work?