Bizzdesign and Main Sealed a Growth Partnership

Jun 21, 2022
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Harmen van den Berg
Harmen van den Berg

Bizzdesign and Main Sealed a Growth Partnership

Today, we are honored and excited to announce a new external investor in Bizzdesign: Main Capital Partners (“Main”). With a keen focus on investing in B2B SaaS companies, we’re confident that Main is a natural fit to help us accelerate our strategic growth strategy. With Main by our side, we can further sharpen our focus on customer success and continuity with innovative product offerings, strategic add-on acquisitions, and further investment in our high-performance-driven and talented teams.

We’ve long been searching for the right investment partner to enable us to accelerate the growth of our company, and we have now found one in this boutique Dutch investment firm. With Main now part of our family, Bizzdesign is no longer completely self-financed but part of a 1 billion Euro investor fund, providing us with substantial growth opportunities for the future.

A solid past makes for a brighter future

As founders and shareholders of Bizzdesign, we’re always astonished at how far we’ve come to grow our product, company and contribute to our customers’ success – some of our customers have been with us for more than two decades! When we founded Bizzdesign in 2000, we were one of the first companies globally to develop Enterprise Architecture software. We were inspired by our own experiences as part of a public-private research institute in the Netherlands, where we developed business process management tools and methods. By working closely with our customers, we developed an industry-recognized Enterprise Architecture software platform that meets enterprises’ key value drivers for agility, operational efficiency, and speed to market.

Throughout the years, we’ve grown steadily, both in the number of customers, number of employees, and revenue. Today, we have an impressive track record of profitable growth. We’re proud to have built and developed an industry-recognized SaaS platform for enterprise design and change, serving Fortune 500 companies globally!

Now more than ever, our software presents the opportunity for our customers to thrive in the face of digital complexity and change. We wanted to accelerate our approach to innovate our product offering further and engage with more customers and partners geographically. We therefore started looking for an external investment partner that provided a ‘natural fit’ with our company and its unique culture.


Timeline of Bizzdesign's success during the years

Who is Main?

Main’s mission is ‘to build healthy software groups’ through a balanced investment approach. They specialize in investing in successful B2B SaaS companies like Bizzdesign – we will be one of Main’s largest investments. Main has an approach of sustainable, healthy growth. They align with our culture and mission of building a solid, sustainable and relevant company that makes a difference to customers.

Main has invested in Bizzdesign because they agree with, support, and have confidence in Bizzdesign’s vision, strategy, direction, track record, shareholders and management. There is nothing they and we consider more important than ensuring the continuity and quality of our services to our customers. Customers should soon benefit from new innovative offerings and partnerships.

A successful future – for our customers and for us

Main supports us in accelerating our current Bizzdesign growth path. With this investment, we’re able to accelerate our product roadmap, and we’ll continue to build an innovative Enterprise Architecture-as-a-Service platform that’s relevant to our customers. As such, we’ll also invest millions in developing our product to provide an unparalleled user experience.

Furthermore, we will expand our geographical footprint, acquire other companies with synergetic and complementary capabilities, and add these to the Bizzdesign Group. We’re boosting our customer success and enablement to support more customers to increase the success rate of their transformation initiatives with our offerings for enterprise design and change.

Main has a proven track record of helping software companies achieve their growth objectives and exceptional results. We’re looking forward to leveraging their experience and investment power as we begin the next chapter in our company’s success!

Stay tuned!

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