Marc Lankhorst

Enterprise Architecture and the Project Management Office

Planning and executing change is a key capability for organizations in this day and age. However, in order to do this successfully, businesses – especially large ones – must overcome the heavy burden of complexity that generally adds up as the organization scales up its operationsComplexity often means that an enterprise has little visibility into the full range of consequences for any proposed change or investment.  

As such, decisions might not always lead to harmonious results. Or they might even be incompatible, which results in wasted time, resources and possibly a lost business opportunity. The fact of the matter is that to ensure coordinated change across the entire enterprise the Project Management Office (or equivalent entity) needs a clear, big-picture view of the way proposed change impacts the business and IT landscapes. Only by tying in all the domains of the enterprise – strategy, business capabilities, IT infrastructure, processes etc. – can you guarantee a fast and minimalrisk implementation. And this is exactly where Enterprise Architecture’s value proposition lies.   

Addressing the topic today is our very own Marc Lankhorst. In the following video, Marc addresses what lies at the intersect between EA and the Project Management Office, and explains how Enterprise Architecture can help program managers, project planners etc. to ensure coordinated change across the business.  

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