EA and BPM

Jul 17, 2019
Written by
Marc Lankhorst
Marc Lankhorst

EA and BPM

Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management are two change disciplines often closely associated. But how exactly do they relate to one another?

Is it even reasonable to integrate EA with BPMN, or is this just a fad? In order to have a closer look at how they interact and identify whether they actually reinforce each other to the benefit of the organization, we asked Marc Lankhorst what his thoughts on the topic were. His response touches on questions such as:

Where does Enterprise Architecture stop, and Business Process Management begin?

How do you integrate the Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management practices effectively?

When is the connection between business goals and processes (most) important?

What are the main benefits of coupling EA and BPM?

What are some examples of where this integration provides value?

Below you can see his full answer for yourself. Enjoy!