Bizzdesign Connect 2021 Conference

BiZZdesign Connect Conference
Change by Design

Thursday, May 20, 2021 | Available On-Demand!

Learn how to build an enterprise that is ready for the digital age. Execute change with confidence by design.

For Change Leaders:

Learn how to cope with the business and technical challenges of today, by making better business decisions to provide additional business value in the new tomorrow. Customers will share how fast can business value be achieved.

For Change Enablers:

Get inspired and learn how Bizzdesign customers can use the latest release of Bizzdesign to gain more insight and value out of their environments, including new methods to increase alignment between architectures and data, including address others to use and enhance that information for better business decisions.


On the Connect Conference:
Andy Craig ,presentation coach
Andy Craig
Author and
international executive
presentation coach
Daniel Drahnak,United Wholesale Mortgage
Daniel Drahnak
United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM)
David Proctor, General Dynamics
David Proctor
General Dynamics IT

Hugo Ehrnreich
CEO BiZZdesign

Hiba Barwary
United WholesaleMortgage (UWM)

Mahesh Kaka
General Dynamics IT

Nick Reed
Chief Strategy Officer, BiZZdesign

Peter Matthijssen
CTO BiZZdesign

Sven van Dijk

Dan Belville Sr

Joe Geary


General Track – All times US Central

Time Type Title Speaker Moderator
10:00 Introduction Designing Better Enterprises Hugo Ehrnreich Will Scott
10:10 Keynote Telling Better Stories Andy Craig Will Scott
10:45 Vision & Roadmap BiZZdesign – Vision and Roadmap Peter Matthijssen & Nick Reed Will Scott
Time Type Title Speaker Moderator
11:15 Demonstration Business Capability Based Planning Sven van Dijk Peter Matthijssen
11:50 Demonstration The Art of the Possible with BiZZdesigns HoriZZon Dan Belville Sr Peter Matthijssen
Time Type Title Speaker Moderator
11:15 General Dynamics IT Case Study How General Dynamics IT (GDIT) Does Architecture Mahesh Kaka & David Proctor Arjan Vork
11:50 United Wholesale Mortgage Case Study Business Architecture: The Power of Process Mapping Daniel Drahnak & Hiba Barwary Arjan Vork
Time Type Title Speaker Moderator
12:25 Presentation The fast Path to Maximize Organizational Value Joe Geary Nick Reed
13:30 Conference Concludes

All times US Central

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BiZZdesign CEO

Hugo Ehrnreich

BiZZdesigns CEO, Hugo Ehrnreich, will be setting the theme for the event and discussing BiZZdesigns view of how enterprises, and their enterprise architecture teams, need to drive a readiness for ongoing change in the organization and how the new mandate for EA teams is to “Change by Design.”

Andy Craig

Andy Craig

Weekend Language: Presenting with More Stories & Less PowerPoint
Author and international executive presentation coach Andy Craig will be presenting approaches for how we can tell better stories at work. How Enterprise Architecture teams can move beyond their specialized language and start using “Weekend Language” so that they can deliver compelling and resonate messages to business stakeholders and the c-suite

BiZZdesign Product Team

Peter Matthijssen and Nick Reed

BiZZdesign – Vision & Roadmap
In this session, Nick and Peter we will share their vision on Enterprise Design and Change, and how to build an enterprise that is ready for the digital age. We will demonstrate how Bizzdesign is evolving the Horizzon platform to optimally support organizations on this journey, covering key topics such as advanced analytics for smarter decisions, data management and integration.

Joe Geary

Building Change Capabilities
Learn how Bizzdesign can rapidly maximize your EA value proposition. This session will focus on leveraging pre-built solution sets to get you a seat at the leadership table and place EA in the transformation driver’s seat.

BiZZdesign Pre-sales Sven van Dijk

Sven van Dijk

Business Capability Based Planning
One of the biggest challenges Enterprise Architecture teams face is ensuring the alignment of strategy to execution between the business and IT. Business Capability Planning (BCP) is a powerful tool to ensure the alignment of IT transformation to business strategy. It gives a common language to align strategy, goals, business priorities, and business processes to investments in applications, organizations, and technology.

Dan Belville Sr

The Art of the Possible with BiZZdesigns HoriZZon
In this demonstration, we will show you the art of the possible of our Horizzon change platform. We will give you an overview of the main and recently added capabilities of our Horizzon platform, enabling enterprise design and change

Mahesh Kaka and David Proctor

How General Dynamics IT (GDIT) Does Architecture
Learn about GDIT’s journey to adopting and utilizing Bizzdesign to track the entirety of its IT footprint. This presentation will provide insights into GDIT’s approach to representing business architecture and applications, data architecture, infrastructure, networking and security systems, and hybrid cloud architectures.  You will also gain an understanding of how this footprint information is leveraged to assess portfolio value (Enterprise Portfolio Management), develop and deploy executive dashboards, and provide an interactive self-service experience to the broader enterprise.

Hiba Barwary & Daniel Drahnak

Business Architecture: The Power of Process Mapping & Data-driven Insight
Join Daniel Drahnak & Hiba Barwary and learn about UWM’s journey from silos of tribal business process knowledge to UMatrix, a multi-dimensional insight engine that assists both business and IT stakeholders in making informed strategic decisions to effectively manage UWM’s explosive growth.



Mahesh Kaka, Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture (EA) at GDIT
Mahesh Kaka serves as Director of Enterprise Architecture (EA) at GDIT, and leads the EA team responsible for developing strategy, defining architecture and assisting with planning. His team is responsible for influencing the technology direction, establishing IT standards, assessing portfolios and identifying IT debt; building roadmaps; and conducting architecture reviews. Mahesh started his career as a Software Developer, and since then has held several different roles such as Technical Lead & Architect, Director of Applications, and Director of Projects & Engineering. In his spare time, Mahesh likes to keep abreast of the happenings in the technology world and play with gizmos.

David Proctor, Enterprise Architect at General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)
David Proctor currently serves as Enterprise Architect for General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT).  While David has a plethora of experience in network technologies his true passion is providing solutions and defining strategic visions to help organizations achieve their potential.  David’s more recent efforts have focused on Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) and Business Architecture development.  Outside of work David is blessed with a supportive wife, two amazing children and three out of control dogs.

Daniel Drahnak, Enterprise Architect, United Wholesale Mortgage
Daniel is an Enterprise Architect at United Wholesale Mortgage. In this role, he provides thought leadership and identifies best practices for design concepts and organizational agility to foster innovation across all technology teams. In addition, Daniel works closely with application development and IT operations teams in early planning phases of projects to provide strategic alignment with digital transformation initiatives. Daniel has 15+ years of experience in various IT leadership roles and is passionate about helping UWM IT team members quickly deliver innovative solutions for UWM’s mortgage broker community.

Hiba Barwary, Senior Business Architect, United Wholesale Mortgage
Hiba is a Senior Business Architect at United Wholesale Mortgage. In this role, she is responsible for designing and developing a structured architecture approach and methodology to map business process to strategic goals. Her primary focus is aligning business operations and analysis frameworks with well-governed and automated business process models to provide an integrated and traceable view of the enterprise. Hiba has 10+ years of experience in financial services IT and applies her intimate knowledge of the mortgage industry in leading UWM’s business architecture team.

Joe Geary, VP Customer Success, BiZZdesign
Joe is VP of Customer Value at BiZZdesign. In this role he works in Enterprise Architecture teams all over the world, helping them identify areas where they provide rapid and impactful value to their enterprise – across Strategy Advancement, Operational Optimization and Risk Mitigation. Joe is a 30-year Information Technology veteran, with experience in Energy, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Government and Non-Profit sectors. Joe has a deep practitioner and management background in numerous areas of IT, including serving as CIO/CTO for several organizations. Joes passion is figuring out where business needs to go and then aligning all-things-digital to get them there, in order to continuously reach the next version of better.

Peter Matthijssen, Chief Technology Officer, BiZZdesign
Peter joined Bizzdesign in January 2005 and has over 10 years of experience in business consultancy, supporting and inspiring organizations and people around the world to work smarter and cope with the change challenges they face. Also in his current role as CTO, Peter works closely with customers. He wants to understand the customer challenges and needs, and deliver on a roadmap that has maximum impact for them. Peter likes to challenge people to take different perspectives and try new combinations of disciplines, knowledge and technology. “Innovation requires creativity, experiments, failures, lessons, hard work and many small step improvements”.

Peter is the author of numerous books and publications on Architecture, BPM, Lean management and Business Transformations, for example ‘The Adaptive Enterprise’ [2016], ‘Working with Lean’ [2013] and ‘Thinking in processes’ [2011]. He is a frequently asked speaker at international conferences on business design and change.

Nick Reed,Chief Strategy Officer, BiZZdesign
Nick joined Bizzdesign in June 2016 and is responsible for consulting, training, support and presales functions. Nick’s goal is to ensure every customer gets maximum business value from their investment in Bizzdesign software. His team acts as the ‘Voice of the Customer’ within BiZZdesign, working with the product team to ensure customers’ needs are captured and fed into the product roadmap, and collaborating across the organisation to drive improved customer experience. Prior to BiZZdesign, Nick held roles in multiple software companies including customer success management, professional services management, product management, sales, presales and consulting, including starting his own venture in 1997 through to eventual sale of the business.

Nick has a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Bristol, and is Vice-Chair of the Association of Enterprise Architects London Chapter.

Hugo Ehrnreich, CEO, BiZZdesign
Hugo combines a strong lifelong international experience with a 20+ year successful scale up track record of growing global Enterprise SaaS software and professional services companies across a range of verticals and key strategic business domains. Prior to BiZZdesign, Hugo worked at Amadeus IT Group and was CEO of Slideworx (now mTab) and CXO Solutions (now Insightsoftware). In his role as CEO of BiZZdesign, Hugo’s main goal (and his passion) is to create joint success across the ‘value ecosystem’: building world-class teams, exceptional solutions and successful, high impact strategic and client partnerships.

Hugo holds a MSc Economics from the London School of Economics (UK) and an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau (France)

Sven van Dijk, Sr. Consultant and Trainer, BiZZdesign
Sven van Dijk works with enterprise clients all over the world to help them implement a business capability-based planning framework. He has worked with organizations large and small, those who are just getting started with business capabilities and those looking to take an established business capability framework to the next level. He has previously held senior roles with Rogers Communications and Accenture and is a certified Archimate Practitioner and SAFe 4 Agilist. He holds an MSc in Business Information Technology and is based in The Netherlands.

Dan Belville, Pre-Sales Consultant, BiZZdesign
Dan has over 35 years of experience in Information Technology. His passion over the past 21 years has been Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Planning, where he has held several roles including Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Solution Consultant, Senior Practice Director, and Senior Pre-sales Consultant.