BiZZdesign Wins Award from Analyst Firm Intellyx for Its Innovative Graph Technology


SaaS enterprise architecture platform, Bizzdesign HoriZZon, recognized with the ”Intellyx 2021 Digital Innovator Award”

Industry analyst firm, Intellyx, today announced that Bizzdesign has been awarded its “2021 Digital Innovator Award”. Bizzdesign is recognized for its innovative use of graph technology in its SaaS enterprise architecture platform, Bizzdesign HoriZZon.

With the awards, Intellyx recognizes companies that are using digital tools to disrupt and innovate their respective industries. “Bizzdesign as a SaaS vendor is particularly digitally innovative because of how it leverages graph technology in its multidimensional Insight engine,” said Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx. “This capability provides its customers with current to future state modeling, roadmapping, and real-time analytics.”

Bizzdesign Horizzon is an industry-recognized enterprise architecture tool that enables executives to see a full multi-dimensional picture of their organization’s IT systems and technologies, helps them to find and design a desired future state, and then execute with confidence. The software combines powerful data integration and a central ‘insight graph’ allowing executives to unify strategy, capabilities, operating models, and change portfolios.

Peter Matthijssen, Chief Technology Officer at BiZZdesign, says, “We believe that Enterprise Architecture needs to be consumable and exciting for business stakeholders. User experience is key. We’re therefore honored to be recognized for the innovative approach we’re taking in developing our software. Our customers need to make decisions in an uncertain environment. Our innovative technology helps them to make fact-based decisions, and to get their message across to various audiences in their organization.”

About Bizzdesign
Founded in 2000, Bizzdesign is the trusted global SaaS Enterprise Architecture platform and recognized as a leader by major analyst firms. We help the world’s leading public and private organizations guarantee the success of investment prioritization, transformation initiatives, and risk management. Bizzdesign helps architects and executives to see a full multi-dimensional picture, find and design the right path and execute with confidence to their targeted future. Success should not be a matter of hope. It should be by design. For more information, visit or follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.