BiZZdesign to turbocharge Fortune 500 companies’ ability to change

London, England, October 3rd, 2018

The release of the new Bizzdesign platform opens way for complex organizations to radically transform how they carry out business change

BiZZdesign, the leading enterprise transformation software vendor, has launched version 4 of its Horizzon platform, featuring the latest iterations of Enterprise Studio and the Horizzon portal. Horizzon forms a collaborative business design platform that enables large, complex organizations to successfully implement business change initiatives. This latest release marks an important development for the platform thanks to the addition of three headline enhancements, as well as a great number of additional improvements. The new features underscore BiZZdesign’s market-leading pedigree and commitment to helping organizations carry out business change successfully.

Improved User Experience 
Horizzon 4 features a leading-edge user interface that emphasizes clarity and comfort of navigation. A new User Interface is optimized for high-resolution and ultra high-resolution displays (4K) and guarantees an optimal viewing experience irrespective of the device used or zoom level. Equally important is the improvement of the product’s SaaS offering, which delivers users a smooth experience across the Horizzon platform, with a tight integration between Enterprise Studio and the collaboration portal.

State-of-the-Art Data Visualizations 
Version 4 of Horizzon provides cutting-edge data visualization technology, which supports a level of enhanced dashboarding in the Horizzon portal that’s currently unmatched in the market. The platform’s advanced analytics will help uncover valuable insights about an organization’s business and IT landscapes, enabling a broad range of stakeholders to collaborate on making fact-based decisions for continuous business change.

Advanced Collaboration Support with Workflows 
Horizzon 4 comes with powerful workflow functionality, integrated in the heart of the platform. This enables organizations to support change initiatives across all relevant disciplines. Workflows are initiated with a single click or event, triggering a change, discussion, notification or task. Workflows are fully customizable, and can support an endless number of use cases. They can be as simple as a single step, or actually quite complex, supporting multiple parallel branches. The integrated workflows improve the responsiveness of organizations by keeping people informed, engaged, and increasing their work output.

“I’m very pleased with this release”, said Peter Matthijssen, BiZZdesign’s Chief Technology Officer. “We really wanted to make customers’ lives easier, that was our focus. We managed to pack in a lot of great new functionality, and on top of that we also completely updated the platform’s look and feel. Users will notice significant improvements as they go about their work – I’m talking delivering more value, in tighter timeframes, and with an even lower barrier to productivity. It’s a compelling offering, I think.”

To experience the new Horizzon 4 and its market leading features for yourself, ask for your free trial today – we can have you up and running in minutes!

About BiZZdesign
Bizzdesign is a leading enterprise transformation software vendor based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2000 as the commercial spin-off of an R&D institute, today the company enjoys a global presence and is recognized by industry analysts as a market leader. The Bizzdesign product suite is deployed in blue chip companies and government organizations across all continents, where it plays a key role in enabling meaningful business change.

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