BiZZdesign Announces Record Results for 2017


Growth Across all markets and industries with a strong shift towards software-as-a-service (SAAS) delivery

Bizzdesign is reporting 37 percent year-on-year software revenue growth, while shifting towards software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery. The company also saw a 307 percent growth in revenue in the US market, just ahead of the other growth regions, DACH and UK, while adding 54 new companies to their existing customer base. At the start of 2018, Bizzdesign retains 46 percent of revenue as cash available for investments during 2018. Moreover, the company remains fully equity-financed by its long-term shareholders.

MARKET CONDITIONS: “We see these results as a testament to the value our software brings to enterprises. In recent years organizations have struggled to design and implement digital transformation initiatives using homegrown solutions or old, complex enterprise architecture software,” said Huub Janse, CEO of BiZZdesign. “The market recognizes the value of our approach: ease of deployment and usage, and speed to return on investment. In one case, within 6 months of deploying our software, a customer realized a 25 percent reduction in their application portfolio, saving millions of dollars, reducing complexity, reducing IT risk – it is these kind of tangible business outcomes that the market seeks.”

MARKET PERFORMANCE: “Enterprises are tired of trying to get value out of their legacy enterprise architecture solutions, which are inflexible, complex, costly and don’t provide the value promised. This dissatisfaction is a major contributing factor in our 2017 success,” said Greg Jones, SVP of Sales. “With local presence in all major markets and strong partner channel performance, we enjoyed strong growth across all geographies and industries, particularly in the US, which is a strategic investment area for us. We also had key wins with leading companies in the automotive, financial services and technology sectors. We continue to see a definite shift towards our SaaS offering, further decreasing timescales for rollout time and time to value.”

PRODUCT INNOVATIONS: Peter Matthijssen, CTO, commented: “We delivered some great product innovations in 2017, including the launch of our Horizzon portal. All the effort that Enterprise Architecture teams put into digital transformation design has little value without the engagement of stakeholders across the business. Horizzon provides cross-disciplinary insights, enables collaboration and supports bottom-up continuous change – crucial capabilities in today’s turbulent business environment. Horizzon was received in the market with great enthusiasm and will be a key ongoing investment area of us. Our drive to innovate has led us to continue to be recognized as a leader by Gartner and Forrester.”

VALUE DELIVERY AND CUSTOMER FOCUS: “Our customers are achieving significant business value in their implementations, which drives broader adoption across a wider group of stakeholders for more use cases,” says Nick Reed, Chief Customer Officer. “We are seeing increasing numbers of customers asking for enterprise-wide license agreements as a result.”  BiZZdesign’s market-leading training, consulting and support, combined with its relentless customer focus, is a fundamental driver of this success.

2018 OUTLOOK: “2018 is already shaping up to be a strong year. We are continuing to accelerate our investments in geographic expansion, product innovation and service enhancements,” Huub Janse said. “We see the growing trends of 2017 continuing, with our focus on driving customer success and delivering business value.”