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Where you stand in terms of EA maturity across critical areas: Business Strategies, Enterprise Design, Investment Analysis, Operating Models, and Application Portfolio Management.



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EA Maturity Assessment [Gartner AIBS]

In just five steps, we will evaluate your EA practices across key areas: Business Strategy Interpretation, Enterprise Design, Investment Analysis, Operating Model Design, and Change Portfolio Management.

Step 1 of 5 - Business Strategy Interpretation


Select a Maturity Level (Minimal to Exceptional) for each question, considering EA integration within your organization. Evaluate factors such as stakeholder buy-in, process integration, and EA governance.
How engaged are your business stakeholders in change initiatives to grasp the strategic significance and transformative potential of each endeavor?(Required)
Choose from minimal awareness to exceptional understanding. asfdasdf
To what extent are your IT initiatives strategically aligned with the core objectives of each business segment, ensuring seamless integration into the organization's transformative roadmap?(Required)
Choose from minimal alignment to exceptional synergy.