Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland

Driving Organizational Change:The Heart of the Matter

An Enterprise Architecture Journey of Change at The Royal Bank of Scotland

Jeremy Viner is taking us through an Enterprise Architecture journey of change at The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Starting with an end of life legacy system that was primarily designed for regulatory compliance the team transformed people, process, and tools to develop a robust EA ecosystem. This enabled them to not only to continue compliance to strict banking regulations but, also, to develop a trusted system for enterprise architecture design, aligned to new corporate priorities around sustainability, employee learning and development and customer satisfaction.

“I believe that all organizations, if they’re serious about implementing change, should start by carefully assessing their change agents. Good people will find a way. They’ll bring in the platform that’s needed to deliver a  journey of change for replacing new standards, process and tools to increase the impact of EA at the bank.”

Jeremy Viner, Technology Team Lead at the Royal Bank of Scotland

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