The State of Enterprise Architecture in 2022 Survey

Jan 18, 2022
Written by
Nick Reed
Nick Reed
Peter Matthijssen
Peter Matthijssen

The State of Enterprise Architecture in 2022 Survey

BiZZdesign launches its annual the State of Enterprise Architecture Survey. Following nearly two years of pandemic disruption, are Enterprise Architects closer to or further from the top table?

Two years of pandemic disruption have made the speed of change the number one business imperative. Most organizations have had little appetite for slow and incremental process improvement through these unpredictable times.
Instead, disruption has become the new normal. Businesses are not just responding to disruption; many have embraced disruptive innovation to gain a competitive advantage.

Innovators Have the Mandate to Disrupt

The relentless pursuit of speed poses a challenge to EA teams.

How can EA professionals participate in and deliver value to the numerous innovation projects around their organizations?

Disruptive innovation practices could easily obscure opportunities for EA pros to add value to organizations’ innovation workstreams. Innovators are working in new ways, in new places, with new tools, and with new business partners. Here are just a few that spring to mind:

  • Innovation Labs — where blue sky thinking risks ignoring the EA status quo.
  • Agile Teams — where EA might be under-represented or lack influence.
  • Partnerships and Digital Agencies — where EA may be absent.
  • Business-led Development — using low-code or no-code development platforms, or other external Cloud platforms, without EA oversight.

Naturally, EA could be present and add value in all these situations. But without solid support from senior management and adequate resources, many EA practices will struggle to maintain oversight and governance across the diverse spectrum of innovation that the above examples illustrate.

Our State of Enterprise Architecture Survey

How will 2022 pan out for Enterprise Architecture teams? Will history record this as your finest hour, or are you facing a year of missed opportunities and frustration? The answer will depend on the maturity of your EA practice, its power and influence across the organization, and your ability to keep up with the agile workstyle of innovation teams.
These are all themes that we’ll explore in this year’s the State of Enterprise Architecture survey. We hope that you’ll participate. Grab your refreshment of choice, and jump in.


The survey should take just less than 10 minutes, and there are three incentives to encourage thoughtful and complete submission:

  • We’ll rush you a copy of the complete survey report once published. You can use the findings to benchmark the state of EA at your organization with both EA leaders and laggards.
  • BiZZdesign will make a $1.00 donation to UNICEF for each of the first 5,000 survey completions.
  • Optionally, you can enter a prize draw for one of two $200 Amazon gift cards, although winners can gift this prize to UNICEF should they prefer.

What to Expect in the Forthcoming Report?

This year’s report set’s out with four critical questions in mind:

  • How mature are the EA practices in use today?
  • Are those practices making a difference to IT and business change initiatives?
  • Does EA maturity correlate with organizations’ agility and capacity for innovation?
  • What are the top priorities to improve EA’s impact in organizations today?


You’ll be able to benchmark your EA practice against leaders and laggards on numerous dimensions, including:

EA Maturity

  • Whether the mission and value of EA is understood across your organization
  • The maturity of your EA development process
  • The up-to-datedness of EA deliverables
  • IT impact
  • Business impact
  • Who uses and values your EA outputs and artifacts

Agility, Agile Adoption, and Influence

We’ll explore whether EA maturity correlates with business agility and Agile adoption. We’re also keen to assess the extent to which EA teams have embraced Agile methods themselves, and whether that’s making a difference in EA’s influence and contribution to organizations’ innovation workstreams.

Low-code/No-Code vs. EA Governance

We’ll explore the prevalence of business-led application development methods such as low-code/no-code platforms and whether these risk undermining EA oversight and governance.

Competency Needs and EA Improvement Priorities for 2022

You’ll be able to benchmark your objectives for the year ahead, alongside other survey participants, including which emerging technology competencies your EA team needs to invest in and your top priorities to improve EA’s impact across your organization.

So, don’t hold back. To receive your copy of the report, first, have your say. You need to complete the survey to get your copy of the report. Thanks, we hope you take part.

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