Bizzdesign’s acquisition of Edifit brings more enterprise architecture services on-demand

Sep 4, 2023
Written by
Arjan Vork
Arjan Vork

Bizzdesign’s acquisition of Edifit brings more enterprise architecture services on-demand

Learn about Bizzdesign’s acquisition of Edifit. This acquisition positions us to move our product and consulting services up a notch.

At Bizzdesign, we believe that a great customer experience, just like an agile enterprise architecture, is achieved by design. Crafting a remarkable journey for our customers requires planning and meticulous execution. From the moment our customers engage with us, we strive to create a seamless experience that goes beyond expectations. That’s why I’d like to inform you about our recent acquisition of Edifit and explain how this acquisition benefits you, our valued customers…

Edifit is no stranger to the Bizzdesign family. Edifit is an enterprise architecture software and consulting services provider located in the United Kingdom, and they’ve been a partner in Bizzdesign’s global partner and channel network for over a decade. During this time, they’ve consistently delivered high-impact business value to Bizzdesign customers with a proven software suite and expert consulting services.

Access to industry-leading consulting expertise

The acquisition is, therefore, mainly to further expand our capacity with the expertise of Edifit. They bring top-tier enterprise architecture consulting and training capabilities to the table, known for consistently delivering significant business outcomes of high value. By acquiring Edifit, Bizzdesign is expanding our consulting and training capacity and extending the impact of Edifit’s expertise to a broader range of our customers.

Edifit’s services capabilities cover various areas, including enterprise architecture strategy and roadmaps, enterprise architecture practice capability evolution, capability-based planning, portfolio planning and management, and solution architecture. Although we’re also offering these services, the acquisition enables us to expand our capacity and, together with Edifit, move quicker and deliver more services on demand.

Enterprise architecture services on-demand

Edifit has developed add-ins that seamlessly integrate with our platform. These Bizzdesign add-ins, now available to our global customer base, have already demonstrated to be in high demand with our customers because they increase users’ productivity.

The Bizzdesign add-ins automate modeling tasks and help you focus on value creation, not tool administration and configuration. You can now also accelerate the adoption of a model-based approach to strategy and design in your organization.

The Bizzdesign add-ins include:

  • Model Governance, which allows for automated governance of Bizzdesign Horizzon model content. This add-in lets you focus on content and impact with automated, rule-based model compliance and quality checks, approval workflow process automation and model lifecycle management.
  • Model Publication allows automated publishing of high-quality, signature-ready documents and presentations. This add-in incorporates rich styling and branding with ongoing content synchronization. Model Publication enables perfect document design and dynamic embedded analytics, with fully customizable templating and reuse.
  • Model Exchange manages models across multiple Bizzdesign Horizzon environments, including model versioning, replication and intelligent merging. This meets the needs of the most demanding implementation scenarios involving complex user ecosystems, multiple security levels and information boundaries.

These add-ins are now under the direct support and maintenance of Bizzdesign. You can purchase, deploy and configure these add-ins from Bizzdesign’s regional sales teams.

Next steps

If you want to benefit from our consulting expertise, need our help, or want more information on or purchase the Bizzdesign Horizzon add-ins, contact us today.

Arjan Vork is the Chief Customer Officer at Bizzdesign. With a wealth of expertise in customer-centric strategies, he plays a pivotal role in driving the organization’s growth and ensuring exceptional customer experiences. His strong leadership skills and passion for customer satisfaction have contributed to Bizzdesign’s reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.