Assessing and Improving Your Change Capabilities with the Bizzdesign Maturity Model

Feb 24, 2021
Written by
Marc Lankhorst
Marc Lankhorst

Assessing and Improving Your Change Capabilities with the Bizzdesign Maturity Model

The business environment of your enterprise is ever more volatile. To keep up, you need to make better decisions faster and improve the way you change. But how do you get all the necessary supporting capabilities and data in place to do this?

More than ever, enterprises need Change Agents. These are the people that work on changing the enterprise for the better, continuously leading and guiding it into a precarious future with great passion and accuracy. At BiZZdesign, we believe that everyone can become a Change Agent. Will you?

We empower change leaders and change enablers such as CIOs and enterprise architects in building superior change capabilities to unleash the full potential of their organizations. As part of this, we provide a structured and rigorous approach to help you understand where you need to improve your decision and change capabilities. We express this in a way that is accessible to non-technical business stakeholders.

Recently, we published an update of BiZZdesign’s change capability maturity model. This model has the common five-level structure you know from other maturity models, shown below.

We use a set of assessments to evaluate different aspects of your change capabilities, related to this shared maturity model:

  • Success Readiness Assessment: Does your EA team have the necessary mandate, stakeholder involvement, business sponsorship, skills, available data etc.?
  • General Maturity Assessment: How does your organization perform on IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture, and Portfolio Management?
  • Enterprise Agility Assessment: What is your process, system, and business agility like?
  • Goals, Usage & Outcomes Analysis: What are your business goals, what outcomes do you need, and how can our Horizzon software platform help you with that?

Of course, we have implemented these assessments within our platform. This lets you see the results in a series of views, tables and graphs, from high-level overviews to detailed analyses. On one end of the scale, this includes an impression of strategic impact on your key change capabilities, like the one below:

On the other end of the scale, you get detailed insights into different aspects of your change abilities, what the gaps are with your ambitions, and where you can improve the most. For instance, in the picture below, which showcases different aspects of enterprise agility, Process Agility (the use of agile practices and ways of working) is already close to your goal so investing more in that doesn’t bring a lot. The biggest gains are to be had in the area of System Agility: how difficult it is to change your systems (e.g. IT applications but also business processes).

And behind this is a further level of detail, showing you which concrete and detailed change capabilities would help improve your ability to change, with detailed heatmaps. Below you see a small snippet of such a map, taken from our large and detailed model of change capabilities.

You can find much more about our assessments and model in our whitepaper. Or get in touch for a live demo of the assessment model!