BiZZdesign, a leading enterprise transformation software vendor, leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture, today announced that its customer, CSL Behring, has won the prestigious 2020 Forrester and InfoWorld EA Awards.

CSL Behring is part of CSL Limited, the world’s third-largest biotech company, and has over 25,000 employees with operations in more than 35 countries and annual revenues close to $9 billion. Over the past two years, the company has embarked on its digital transformation journey. A core component of this journey has been the reinvented Enterprise Architecture team, whose efforts are supported by BiZZdesign’s HoriZZon platform.

The rejuvenated EA function, under the leadership of Mohor (Movi) Banerjee, has given structure as well as a vision for enabling the business in the digital age, and this year their contribution has received a public acknowledgment. As a trusted partner and supporter of CSL Behring in their digital transformation endeavors, Bizzdesign is thrilled to learn of our client’s most recent EA-related success.

“The EA team at CSL Behring have done a fantastic job in executing a business-led EA strategy,” said Nick Reed, BiZZdesign’s Chief Strategy Officer. “They are a great example of what business value-oriented architecture can achieve for an organization. From their strategic governance, which has saved the company millions per year as a result of improved technology rationalization, to the enhanced agility in digitalization, and the leadership role they played as the Covid-19 pandemic was unfolding, CSLB’s enterprise architects have made a huge positive impact and I sincerely congratulate them in that achievement and the public recognition of it.”

Key achievements of CSL Behring’s digital transformation that contributed to the award win:

This award recognizes first and foremost the impressive business impact that EA has had on the enterprise. In the case of CSL Behring, their Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards win is closely connected to the four pillars they built at the core of the company’s digital transformation efforts:

  • A transformed EA function that emphasized the interaction with internal customer areas.
  • Adoption of modern technology platforms and application architecture.
  • An enhanced governance framework.
  • Talent up-skilling of solution architects and deployment teams.

This high level of EA strategic leadership and the evident business impact made the EA team at CSL Behring a winner at this year’s awards. Gene Leganza, Vice President and Research Director at Forrester Research, said: “The assets created by the EA team have accelerated decision-making for the business by at least 2x while identifying opportunities for technology consolidation.”

Bizzdesign would like to officially congratulate the entire CSL Behring organization for their win at the 2020 Forrester and InfoWorld EA Awards. And we also want to send a special acknowledgment to the Enterprise Architecture group for their sustained work and commitment. We wish them all the best as they continue to guide their organization on its digital transformation journey, and we look forward to many years of success together. More details of CSL Behring’s digital transformation success are available here.

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