Swift CSP Compliance

Complete Swift CSP Attestation faster and at a substantially reduced cost

Use modeling templates in Bizzdesign Horizzon

Bizzdesign’s Swift CSP Compliance solution provides an efficient, effective and structured approach to capture, document, communicate and manage compliance in your environment. The solution includes a pre-packaged set of CSP control models, dashboards and scripts built on our enterprise architecture platform, Bizzdesign Horizzon, which also gives you the ability to leverage existing architecture models.

Use our solution, or work with Bizzdesign’s consultants, to create architecture views for each of the controls mandated in the Swift Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF). Conduct an automated analysis to validate compliance with the CSCF and visualize compliance status in management reports and dashboards. A picture is worth a thousand words and our model views remove the need for narrative text.



Visualize Swift control implementation in ArchiMate 

Visualize Swift control implementation in ArchiMate 

Leave no blind spots. Meet a control requirement by viewing the relationships between different systems. Our solution uses ArchiMate notation for modeling and also follows a strict modeling convention, specifying which relations and components are used and connected using specific relationship types. This allows you to programmatically scan the architecture model and conclude if the controls are correctly modeled to fulfill Swift requirements.

Monitor Swift compliance through numerous dashboards 

Monitor Swift compliance through numerous dashboards 

Objective-status dashboards indicate Swift compliance and audit readiness. Utilize dashboards to see compliance status in real-time. Dashboards are updated based on modeling data. As soon as any change in the architecture is modeled, the dashboards are updated, giving up-to-date compliance information.

 Swift attestation  updated with architectural models 

Swift attestation  updated with architectural models 

Utilizing architecture diagrams allows you to map the IT environment clearly and minimizes the time to generate Security Attestation. After the initial mapping is complete, subsequent modifications only need to be updated once. All relevant architecture diagrams can be fetched for review using the ‘Inspect’ feature of Bizzdesign Horizzon.

Improved overall cybersecurity posture 

Improved overall cybersecurity posture 

Architecture diagrams constructed for Swift compliance document the current state of the enterprise.

An accurate picture of your environment highlights your weaknesses before attackers discover them. Architecture diagrams highlight implemented controls covering all architecture layers – business, application and technology. Critically analyzing these architecture diagrams improves the overall cybersecurity posture of the organization.

Benefits to our customers

  • Complete transparency
  • Reduce human-error and misinterpretation
  • Unify and streamline deliverables
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Clear time and cost-saving
  • Supporting effective risk management
  • Accelerate time from testing to compliance
  • Get a holistic view of your compliance status

Get an integrated view of the entire Swift CSCF with complete coverage of controls. See clear objective-status dashboards to indicate Swift compliance and audit readiness. Identify specific gaps based on objective business rules.
Remove any ambiguity through formal modeling notation.

Remove the need for lengthy text-based descriptions or complex spreadsheets to connect many security concepts. Drastically reduce ongoing maintenance through simple model maintenance for attestation with the latest versions of the Swift CSP framework.

Create solution designs connected to business outcomes (e.g., as defined in your objective key results). Link all your solution designs, such as business, data, information, and technology architectures, to unify and streamline deliverables.

Give consistent sets of views from multiple stakeholder viewpoints. Improve communication and collaboration through visual models aimed at different stakeholders, which aid quick understanding of information and collaboration.

Save time and cost in the creation and approval of Swift pre-attestation documentation. Reuse existing architecture models for Swift security attestation. Remove the need for costly training, as you don’t need to be an expert in ArchiMate or advanced modeling to use our Swift CSP Compliance solution.

Mitigate the threat of unauthorized system changes through robust identification and access system. To manage counterparty risk, the Swift CSP allows counterparties to request Security Attestation documents from the parties they’re dealing with.

By utilizing architecture diagrams, save time and cost in the creation and approval of Swift attestation documentation. Avoid compiling separate reports with unstructured and complex to maintain information.

Using the compliance dashboards, the status of each control requirement can be viewed in real-time based on data points generated from the model. Up-to-date model information feed into the compliance dashboard, providing the ability to monitor the status of Swift controls continually.