Future State Design

Organizations small, medium and large use technology to better support their business goals and outcomes.

As a leading business change platform, Bizzdesign Horizzon is well-equipped to deal with the requirements of SPM within the context of a modern organization.

The platform expands the boundaries of traditional portfolio management and actually lets users define portfolios of any kind, be it project, application, technology, process, products and services, scenario, capability – you name it.

  • Allocate investments to various asset categories for creating a healthy project and program portfolio mix that realizes your enterprise strategic goals.
  • Run strategy management on investment decisions by giving predictions on risks and outcomes of projects and programs.
  • Help to prioritize projects and programs objectively, independent of stakeholders’ personal interests.

The value is easy to understand: using the latest and greatest platforms can help them gain or sustain a competitive advantage.

Some companies have spent billions of dollars on IT investments, and mis-spending of funds is certainly not an uncommon occurrence.
What happens to the ‘old’ when the ‘new’ is phased in?

Unless the landscape is managed from a central location, one that tells the story from multiple dimensions, the spend could really get out of hand. This is where TPM comes in.

Technology Portfolio Management can help by giving greater control over lifecycles, spend, and performance.