Marc Lankhorst

Webinar: Enterprise Architecture with Excel, Visio and Powerpoint – The Recipe for Zero Business Value

At BiZZdesign, we’ve had many engagements throughout the years where we were brought in to breathe new life into failing enterprise architecture initiatives. A common denominator across many of these projects was replacing an ineffective trinity of Visio, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In our experience, many organizations find it appropriate to start off an EA practice with a cheap, homemade solution. The thinking is that once some value has been achieved, they may then (maybe) graduate to a professional tool. In this webinar, Marc Lankhorst, Managing Consultant and Chief Technology Evangelist, will explain why we think that’s absolutely the wrong approach if you want to do real, meaningful architecture work that makes an organization more competitive.

The webinar will address specific reasons why real EA platforms beat simple office tools every time for doing true architecture work, addressing topics such as modeling vs. just drawing pictures, analysis vs. looking at pictures, real collaboration vs. mere publication, integration vs. copy-paste, and more. If you’re an architect, this will give you solid arguments to convince management why your organization needs to invest in a proper solution.

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