Raz Mitache

The Open Group Webinar: Architecture in Agile Environments

The Open Group Webinar: Architecture in Agile Environments

Architecture in Agile Environments – Challenges and Solutions to Maximize Value

Agile development has become the norm for software development. But true business agility requires more than having a bunch of Scrum teams. Moreover, if you only focus on the small-scale kind of agility provided by agile software development, you might miss the forest for the trees: why do you want to be agile as an enterprise, and what does that require?

An enterprise is more than just a bunch of local developments by small teams. The pieces of the puzzle that these teams work on must fit together somehow. And hopefully there is a vision of the future, a business and IT strategy, a set of goals that the organization aims for. That is where enterprise architecture enters the stage.

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