Marc Lankhorst

ING Bank Turkey Boosts Organizational Agility with Enterprise Studio

Achieving Organizational Agility and Competitive Advantage

Before Enterprise Studio, ING Bank Turkey had an EA team in place and a vision of what they wanted to achieve. However, without a dedicated tool, improving their organizational agility was a slow process. As an important player in the market, the bank relies heavily on its IT function to deliver firstclass products and services. It runs agile software development operations to obtain a competitive advantage and has also resorted to buying competitors in the past. The challenge of competing at the top while keeping up with technology advancements made architects’ progress needlessly onerous.

That’s because while the enterprise architecture team enjoyed clarity as to the path they wanted to follow, they lacked a good understanding of the business’ IT landscape. Additionally, EA was regarded as a technical team within the organization and was relegated to IT duties exclusively, which limited architects’ ability to carry out improvements. Finally, with the lack of a dedicated EA platform restricting progress, the team decided to bring in an EA management suite. They chose Enterprise Studio because of its native ArchiMate support and the wealth of experience within BiZZdesign.

“BiZZdesign had the best ArchiMate offer. Since we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, it was the natural choice.”

Barış Avşar, Chief Enterprise Architect at ING Bank Turkey