Bonnie Parkman

40 important Lean techniques and subjects eBook

A lot of information is available about Lean Management. A simple bizzdesign-free-download-ebook-lean Google search results in over 30 million hits. There are also numerous books discussing the Lean philosophy, approaches and techniques. If you have straightforward questions, it isn’t difficult to find answers.

However, in the midst of all this information, we find a lot of people searching. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused when being bombarded with so much information. That’s why we have created this book. It is laid out in a practical, concise and visual way. This means we explicitly don’t claim to provide you with the complete picture rather a handy summary. This book is compiled based on the extensive practical experience of the authors and BiZZdesign.

‘Working with Lean’ comprises about forty important Lean techniques and subjects. It is organized according to the DMAIC improvement phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. We could write an entire book about each subject but we don’t do that here. Every subject has a short description stating:

• What is it?
• How do you use it?
• What can it do for you?

These short descriptions enable you to position the subjects and to select the appropriate techniques. You can use this book every now and then selecting a specific technique. If you want to find out more about the technique, further information is widely available from plenty of (online) sources. Some interesting links are listed at the end of the book. You can also read the entire book from beginning to end, which will give you insight into what Lean is and how it works.

Of course Lean isn’t only about techniques but also about culture. In between the DMAIC phases, intermezzos have been added highlighting different aspects of a Lean Culture.

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