Assuring data is managed safely and securely according to the world-class standards defined by ISO and SOC2


BiZZdesign, the leading enterprise transformation software vendor, reaches a new security milestone by obtaining the SOC2 – Type II attestation.

SOC2 stands for System and Organization Controls and is an auditing procedure that ensures service providers manage their customers’ private data in a secure manner. As a global SaaS-first company serving some of the largest private and public organizations, information security is a central part of BiZZdesign’s strategy.

Complementing BiZZdesign’s ISO27001 certification and SOC2 – Type I attestation received in December 2019, the SOC2 – Type II attestation completes a critical set of security credentials and further strengthens this strategy. While the earlier received SOC2 – Type I attestation was a point-in-time check, SOC2 – Type II is a more thorough investigation that tests an organization across a long arc of time, ensuring security controls are operated effectively day-to-day.

“Security is an increasingly important topic in the business world, and our industry is no exception”, said Peter Matthijssen, BiZZdesign’s Chief Technology Officer. “With so many organizations entrusting us with their data, it is our duty to strive towards the highest possible security standards. We greatly value our clients’ business and we want to be their trusted partners for many years to come. So this investment, which we started in 2019, and the subsequent attestation that we obtained after a lot of hard work, is a testament to our commitment to delivering our customers the best service.”

This attestation further reinforces BiZZdesign’s clients and prospects peace of mind, knowing that their data is managed safely and securely according to the world-class standards defined by ISO and SOC2 and as independently verified through stringent external audits. More than that, Bizzdesign considers security critical to its mission to help its clients unleash their full value and build more resilient and successful organizations in a world that has only become more uncertain.

Hugo Ehrnreich, BiZZdesign’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We received this attestation without any major exceptions in our first attempt. That is a fantastic achievement and recognition not only of the excellent work by our internal security team, who drove the initiative, but perhaps more importantly, how each and every one of us actively works at ensuring the security of our customers’ data across the diversity of our day-to-day activities. We consider the SOC2 – Type I & II attestation together with our ISO27001 certification and the top security scores we receive not just a critical ‘condition to do business’, but a real competitive differentiator in a crowded field where not everyone is able to match these credentials. And our commitment to security will only increase as our company and our customer base of leading global public and private organizations grows. This attestation and the rigorous, formal, independent verification it represents proves to our customers that these are not just words”.

About BiZZdesign
Bizzdesign is a leading enterprise transformation software vendor based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2000 as the commercial spin-off of an R&D institute, today the company enjoys a global presence and is recognized by industry analysts as a market leader. Bizzdesign Horizzon is deployed in blue chip companies and government organizations across all continents, where it plays a key role in enabling meaningful business change.